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2023 Kanawha Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Logan Dean (F), Logan Rotruck (N)
County Clerk – Lewis Griffith (F)
Prosecuting Attorney – VACANT
Circuit Clerk – VACANT
Assessor – Dakotah Brown (F), Caleb Culicerto (N)

County Commission (3) – VACANT
House of Delegates – Evan Stingle (F)
State Senate (2) – Nick McWharter (F), Aidan Scott (F), Pratham Bhanushali (N)

City Results

Mayor – Jason Hajenga (N), Logan Rotruck (N)
City Council (3) – Bradley Yogo (F), Denver Hudson (F), Lewis Griffith (F), Chase Davis (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Adam Thomas, Bradley Yoho
Circuit Judge – Christian Packer
Magistrate – VACANT

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2023 Statewide Primary Election Results


Governor – Josiah (Olympus) Corley
Secretary of State – Grant Schola
Auditor – Cole Lambert
Treasurer – (Mr. Krabs) Nicholas Tustin
Commissioner of Agriculture – Olawatobi Adebulu
Attorney General – Shawn Utt


Governor – Samuel (Sammy D) Dodson
Secretary of State – Eric Carr
Auditor – (JMoss The Boss) Justin Moss
Treasurer – (Wreck-It) Ralph Vancey
Commissioner of Agriculture – Spencer Nolan
Attorney General – Sam (Uncle Sam) Struthers

Justice of the Supreme Court

Matthew (The Hammer) Bellisario
Christian (Pack) Packer
Britt (The Swell) Shoedel
(Just-Ice) Nick Albright
(JOECHAP) Joseph Chapman

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2023 Monroe/Webster Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Shawn Utt (F), Chase Day (N)
County Clerk – VACANT
Prosecuting Attorney – Britt Shoedel (F), Sam Struthers (N)
Circuit Clerk – VACANT
Assessor – Jake “the Snake” (F), Benjamin Li (N)

County Commission (3) – Maddox Rader (F)
House of Delegates – Matthew George (F), James Lepro (N), Venkat Das (N), Gorvin Weng (N), Colin Savage (N)
State Senate (2) – Jonathan Heaster (F), Bennett Luo (F), Isaac Horn (N), Spencer Nolan (N)

City Results

Mayor – Bennett Luo (F), Colin Savage (N)
City Council (3) – Sean Walker (F), Jake “the Pancake” (F), Maddox Rader (F), Grady Brown (N), Venkat Das (N), Aidan Rogers (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Benjamin Li, Owen Sweitzer, Jack Stanislawczyk
Circuit Judge – Nicholas Tustin
Magistrate – Sean Walker

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2023 Randolph Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Joseph Matheny (F), Johnathan Woodson (N)
County Clerk -Connor Freeze (F)
Prosecuting Attorney – John Dotson (N)
Circuit Clerk – Ryan Jones (F)
Assessor – Cole Lewis (N)

County Commission (3) – Grant Schola (F)
House of Delegates – Cole Lambert (F), Solomon Stoll (N)
State Senate (2) – Kyle Bennett (F), Brody Helmick (F)

City Results

Mayor – Cole Lambert (F), John Dotson (N)
City Council (3) – Kyle Bennett (F), Alex Garner (F), Noi Alfgeirsson (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Aiden Perdue
Circuit Judge – Brayden Stutler
Magistrate – Kollin Hatfield

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2023 Panhandle Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Tyler Riley (F), Christian Reel (N)
County Clerk – Camden Johnson (F)
Prosecuting Attorney – Nick Albright (F), Connor Lundy (N)
Circuit Clerk – VACANT
Assessor – Connor Pickens (F)

County Commission (3) – Aidan Chance (F), Grant Kenamond (F), Zane Nelson (N)
House of Delegates – Kai Smith (F), Clay Bolyward (N), Samuel Booth (N), Samuel Dodson (N), Liam Gallagher (N)
State Senate (2) – Ashton Smith (F), Trevor Donley (N), John Riffe (N)

City Results

Mayor – Grant Kenamond (F), Sam Booth (N)
City Council (3) – Nick Alright (F), Braden Jones (F), Samuel Dodson (N), Kristian McClean (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Nathan Argento, Braden Jones, John Riffle
Circuit Judge – Joseph Chapman
Magistrate – Ethan Blair

E. Gordon Gee: Leading West Virginia University

Dr. E. Gordon Gee, currently serving his second term as president of West Virginia University, is a distinguished leader in higher education with over three decades of experience. Recognized by Time magazine as one of the top 10 university presidents in the United States in 2009, he was recently named the nation’s top university president by Great Value Colleges. Gee’s extensive career includes presidencies at The Ohio State University (twice), Vanderbilt University, Brown University, and the University of Colorado.

Hailing from Vernal, Utah, Gee earned an honors degree in history from the University of Utah. He furthered his education at Columbia University, obtaining J.D. and Ed.D. degrees. Before embarking on his journey in higher education, Gee served as a clerk under Chief Justice David T. Lewis of the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. He also had the privilege of working as a judicial fellow and staff assistant to Chief Justice

Read more

Senator Shelley Moore Capito: A Dedicated Voice for West Virginia

Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican, was elected by the people of West Virginia to serve as a U.S. Senator in 2014, and she was re-elected in 2020. Making history as the first female Senator from West Virginia, Capito secured an impressive victory in 2020, winning over 70 percent of the vote and carrying all 55 counties. This surpassed her previous record set in 2014 when she won over 62 percent of the vote and carried all counties.

With a strong background in public service, Capito represented West Virginia’s Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives for 14 years. Prior to that, she served in the West Virginia House of Delegates for four years. Determined to be an even stronger advocate for her state, Capito ran for Senate, aiming to restore order to a Senate hindered by gridlock. She firmly believes that bipartisan solutions and cooperation across party lines are

Andrew “Mac” Warner: A Dedicated Leader Safeguarding West Virginia’s Democracy

Andrew “Mac” Warner proudly serves as West Virginia’s 30th Secretary of State, currently in his second term. With a background in the military, law, and international experience, Secretary Warner has made significant contributions to ensuring the integrity of elections and facilitating business registration processes.

Secretary Warner graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and obtained his law degree from the West Virginia University College of Law. He also pursued advanced legal studies at the University of Virginia Law School and the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s School.

During his 23-year career in the United States Army, Secretary Warner served in various roles across the globe. He played important roles in military operations, including participating in the capture and transfer of suspected war criminals. His diverse experience includes serving as an artilleryman, prosecutor, defense counsel, command adviser, and law instructor. Notably, he served as the Chief of International Law for the

Senator Joe Manchin Extends Warm Welcome to Mountaineer Boys State Participants in Special Video Message!

Joe Manchin, a U.S. Senator representing West Virginia, has been serving the state since November 15, 2010. Born and raised in the coal mining town of Farmington, Senator Manchin deeply understands the values cherished by all West Virginians—family, common sense, fairness, and hard work. His grandfather, an Italian immigrant and town grocer known as Papa Joe, instilled in him the importance of serving the public, while his grandmother, Mama Kay, inspired his commitment to public service through her unwavering compassion for the less fortunate.

Throughout his political career, spanning from his days as a state legislator to his six-year tenure as Governor and now as a Senator, Joe Manchin has remained dedicated to his philosophy of “retail government.” This approach centers on connecting with constituents and prioritizing their needs and concerns. In Washington, he strives to bring the same spirit of bipartisanship that has guided him throughout his life, working across

From Coast to Coast: Jamie Summerlin’s Inspiring Journey of Honor and Impact

Embarking on a remarkable journey on March 26, 2012, Jamie Summerlin, a dedicated veteran of the US Marine Corps, set out on an extraordinary mission. His goal was two-fold: to pay tribute to our Military and Veterans while raising funds for Operation Welcome Home, a West Virginia-based veteran’s facility he co-founded in 2012. Starting from the scenic Coos Bay, Oregon, Jamie ran tirelessly across the nation, covering a staggering distance of 3,452 miles. Over the course of 100 days, enduring 10 pairs of running shoes, his resolute spirit impacted countless lives along the way. Ultimately, he triumphantly concluded his expedition in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, etching his name as the 48th person in history to complete a genuine Ocean to Ocean run across America.

Today, Jamie Summerlin assumes the role of CEO at Guidon Creative, an esteemed events management and promotion company renowned for its expertise in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Offering comprehensive