Senator Joe Manchin Extends Warm Welcome to Mountaineer Boys State Participants in Special Video Message!

Joe Manchin, a U.S. Senator representing West Virginia, has been serving the state since November 15, 2010. Born and raised in the coal mining town of Farmington, Senator Manchin deeply understands the values cherished by all West Virginians—family, common sense, fairness, and hard work. His grandfather, an Italian immigrant and town grocer known as Papa Joe, instilled in him the importance of serving the public, while his grandmother, Mama Kay, inspired his commitment to public service through her unwavering compassion for the less fortunate.

Throughout his political career, spanning from his days as a state legislator to his six-year tenure as Governor and now as a Senator, Joe Manchin has remained dedicated to his philosophy of "retail government." This approach centers on connecting with constituents and prioritizing their needs and concerns. In Washington, he strives to bring the same spirit of bipartisanship that has guided him throughout his life, working across party lines to find practical solutions for the challenges facing our nation. His aim is to foster a new era of bipartisan cooperation within the Senate and Congress.

Job creation holds paramount importance for Senator Manchin. He firmly believes that the government should act as a partner, not an adversary, in creating an environment conducive to generating quality American jobs. Moreover, he recognizes the necessity of addressing our nation's fiscal challenges while safeguarding the promises made to seniors and veterans by protecting Social Security and Medicare.

As Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Armed Services, and the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Senator Manchin is at the forefront of critical issues. He advocates for a balanced national energy plan that harnesses all available resources while acknowledging the continued importance of fossil fuels. Senator Manchin envisions a commonsense approach that carefully balances environmental considerations with economic demands, aiming to achieve energy independence in our generation.

Beyond politics, Joe Manchin is an avid pilot, outdoorsman, hunter, angler, and motorcyclist. He has been happily married to Gayle Conelly for over five decades, and together they have three children—Heather, Joseph IV, and Brooke—and are proud grandparents to Joseph V, Sophie, Kelsey, Madeline, Chloe, Jack, Carly, Vivian, Beaux, and Knox.


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