2023 Randolph Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Joseph Matheny (F), Johnathan Woodson (N)
County Clerk -Connor Freeze (F)
Prosecuting Attorney - John Dotson (N)
Circuit Clerk - Ryan Jones (F)
Assessor - Cole Lewis (N)

County Commission (3) - Grant Schola (F)
House of Delegates - Cole Lambert (F), Solomon Stoll (N)
State Senate (2) - Kyle Bennett (F), Brody Helmick (F)

City Results

Mayor - Cole Lambert (F), John Dotson (N)
City Council (3) - Kyle Bennett (F), Alex Garner (F), Noi Alfgeirsson (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Aiden Perdue
Circuit Judge - Brayden Stutler
Magistrate - Kollin Hatfield