2023 Statewide Primary Election Results


Governor - Josiah (Olympus) Corley
Secretary of State - Grant Schola
Auditor - Cole Lambert
Treasurer - (Mr. Krabs) Nicholas Tustin
Commissioner of Agriculture - Olawatobi Adebulu
Attorney General - Shawn Utt


Governor - Samuel (Sammy D) Dodson
Secretary of State - Eric Carr
Auditor - (JMoss The Boss) Justin Moss
Treasurer - (Wreck-It) Ralph Vancey
Commissioner of Agriculture - Spencer Nolan
Attorney General - Sam (Uncle Sam) Struthers

Justice of the Supreme Court

Matthew (The Hammer) Bellisario
Christian (Pack) Packer
Britt (The Swell) Shoedel
(Just-Ice) Nick Albright
(JOECHAP) Joseph Chapman