From Coast to Coast: Jamie Summerlin’s Inspiring Journey of Honor and Impact

Embarking on a remarkable journey on March 26, 2012, Jamie Summerlin, a dedicated veteran of the US Marine Corps, set out on an extraordinary mission. His goal was two-fold: to pay tribute to our Military and Veterans while raising funds for Operation Welcome Home, a West Virginia-based veteran's facility he co-founded in 2012. Starting from the scenic Coos Bay, Oregon, Jamie ran tirelessly across the nation, covering a staggering distance of 3,452 miles. Over the course of 100 days, enduring 10 pairs of running shoes, his resolute spirit impacted countless lives along the way. Ultimately, he triumphantly concluded his expedition in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, etching his name as the 48th person in history to complete a genuine Ocean to Ocean run across America.

Today, Jamie Summerlin assumes the role of CEO at Guidon Creative, an esteemed events management and promotion company renowned for its expertise in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Offering comprehensive consulting, management, and design services, Guidon Creative caters to events of all sizes, leaving an indelible mark on every occasion.

When he's not shaping the future of event management, Jamie finds solace in Morgantown, WV, alongside his beloved wife Tiffany. Proud parents to Nicholas and Shayna, they are currently relishing their status as empty-nesters, cherishing the memories of a vibrant family life.

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