Formal Review Practice

This evening the members of Boys State practiced for the Formal Review in the field prior to dinner. While marching around in ranks with the band playing, the boys showed all they have been working on with their cabin through their marching, and flag bearing. The band showed great progress as they played multiple songs throughout the practice. Everyone looked like they were ready for the Formal Review tomorrow evening.

By: Caleb Isinghood

Marion Crushes the First Day in Athletics

Right off the bat, Marion is dominating the athletic scene of Boys State 2013. To start off the afternoon on Monday, Marion Federalists went up against Webster Federalists in basketball. In a close nit game, Marion came out on top with 32 to 28. Marion’s success did not end there. Their next stop was softball.

The same afternoon, Marion Nationalists faced off against Randolph Nationalists in a hard-played softball game. Once again, Marion Cottage came out on top with an 11 to 6 victory against Randolph.

In both evening athletic games, Marion continued their domination over the other cabins. The evening basketball game consisted of the Nationalist Marions vs. the Nationalist Upshurs. Marion crushed Upshur in a 40 to 27 victory.

The last athletic game of the day was the Federalist Marions against the Federalist Braxtons in a game of volleyball. A victory is consisted of winning two out of three games, and

Introducing Braxton County’s Asian Sensation Jim Park

Jim Park is a well-known figure amongst the citizens of Braxton County and the Federalists. Running for State Auditor, he gives laughter and joy to the people that he meets. People in the Braxton Cottage know him as the “Asian Sensation” for two excellent reasons: he’s Korean, and he is a true sensation.

On the first day of Boys State, he became a favorite among the people in Braxton cottage. He came to Boys State with a single purpose: win the position of State Auditor. With a strong voice and boundless charisma, he won everyone over to his side on the first day. He was also one of the first candidates – and probably the only Auditor – to post posters around the campus. By Sunday night, he was known by all as James, Jim, Asian or the “Asian Sensation”, a testament to his name power.

Monday also proved to be a

Federalist Caucus

The Federalist caucus began with the Party Chairman opening with a discussion on what the Federalist’s plan for the following evening’s debate would be. They talked about the order in which the Federalist candidates would walk in, be introduced, and would address the crowd. The candidates then talked about how long their addresses would be, and the caucus then voted on specific chants for each candidate.  They discussed the PowerPoint that would be presented at the debate.  Following that was the party trying to find a Federalist with a DJ license, so the Federalist Party would have the ability to use music in their PowerPoint as well as their candidates’ walk-ins. The motion of adjourning was presented, seconded, and they adjourned.

Garrett Willis

Crime and Punishment

As every citizen is fully aware, on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, the Boys State police will be up and running and our laws will be fully instated. The Boys State driving, hunting, and fishing laws will be mandatory to follow. A helpful suggestion would be reviewing the rules also listed in the newspaper, and perhaps carrying a copy of them with you. All licenses will be available for purchase in each individual cottage. If you wish to purchase one, or all of these licenses, you must consult your cottage banker. Police trainees informed us that punishments will be swift and severe to those who disobey and may worsen if resisted. Either purchase the licenses and avoid trouble, or hope you can afford a good lawyer.

Jake Wilkinson, Kanawha Cottage

Our Two Candidates

In the Kanawha cabin, two people were elected for state offices. One citizen was Akshay Chandran. He was elected to represent the Nationalists for Secretary of State. “I am feeling pretty going about representing the Nationalists for Secretary of State. Even if I do not get elected over all, I can still say that I came far in this election process.” Chandran continued on to say that he felt that it was going to be an intense debate and he was eager to see what was in store.

The second candidate from Kanawha was Daniel Truong. Truong was chosen to represent the Federalists for Treasurer. Also known for his popular nickname “Swag Man Dan,” Daniel has no clue what to expect tonight at the debate but he is looking forward to it. Overall, I am proud to say that these two were chosen from Kanawha cabin for these state election positions.


College/ Career Day A Huge Success

Following today’s classes, a college and career fair was held in the Main Pavilion, garnering a considerable amount of both benefit, and success. Colleges from around the state, ranging anywhere from the smaller Pierpont and Salem Universities, to the reputable WVU, tried their hand in recruiting future alumni. To increase their chances, pamphlets and souvenirs were handed to those interested, which included the majority of attendants. Yet, even to the non-collegiate bound, there were several career options available as well. The FBI, U.S. Marshalls, State Police, and more all had stations up to inform and invite concerned participants. Overall, there was no one out place when asked about their future.

–         Owen Bleigh, Marion Cottage

College Credit Offered

College credit is available for attending Mountaineer Boys State for the 4th year in a row. The ACE Network, a non-profit organization created to support Boys and Girls State has arranged for 3 hours of general education elective credit through Clemson University.

Citizens may visit for more information and register for the online course.

Post Everlasting

About a month ago, Dale F. Lutman passed away in the hospital at the age of 65. He was a member of his local Methodist church and a member and past Commander of Alderton-Dawson American Legion Post No. 60.

He enjoyed Bingo nights, off-roading in his 4-wheeler, and hunting. He had two daughters, Jody McClintock and Ashleigh Lutman, one sister, Debra Dick, three grandchildren, Michael McClintock, Jr., Cole Franklin McClintock, and Jaxon McClintock, and one niece.

He was born on June 14, 1946 in Martinsburg. He’s the son of the late William Franklin and Anna Lou Etta Lopp Lutman.  He graduate from Berkely Springs High School and served in the U.S. Navy. He was also a Vietnam veteran and a retired warehouseman of AT&T. Mr. Lutman had put in his time and service, went past the call of duty, and passed away in his home state.

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The Legionnaire Blue Cap

The Legionnaire Blue Cap Award is a prestigious achievement, presented to those with years of service in the Legion. Such an honor can only be bestowed onto those in the Legion with a lifetime of dedication, leading by example, and servitude. Some things that are looked at in nomination for the award are offices held, committee appointments, and other awards.

A noble man in nomination for this award can only be addressed as William F. Lancaster, Jr. of Post No. 71. A man of the Legion with such offices as Post Adjutant, Post Delegate, District VAMC Cookout, and District Representative Civic Affairs shows how well he fits for the award. He has been going to National Conventions for 10 years and Department Conventions for 15 years. He was awarded by his post the PUFL (Paid-Up-For-Life) which serves as his dues for the Legion for the rest of his life.

Straight out of

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