Patrick Morrisey: Leading with Integrity as Attorney General

Patrick Morrisey was elected as the Attorney General for the State of West Virginia on November 6, 2012, marking the first time a Republican has held this position since 1933. Hailing from Harpers Ferry, Morrisey is not only the first Attorney General from Jefferson County but also a dedicated resident of West Virginia.

As Attorney General, Morrisey has exhibited a strong commitment to combating fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption. Immediately upon taking office, he implemented a transparent policy for hiring outside counsel, resulting in increased accountability and saving the state over $4 million. Furthermore, Morrisey voluntarily returned approximately $18 million to the state, demonstrating his dedication to fiscal responsibility. Through his efforts, he has secured additional funds for state agency clients and consumers, benefiting the people of West Virginia.

In 2014, Morrisey urged the West Virginia Legislature to conduct comprehensive audits and performance reviews of state agencies to ensure the proper use of taxpayer dollars. He has been a vocal proponent of fundamental reforms to foster a favorable economic environment, fostering West Virginia's growth and unleashing its full potential.

Beyond state matters, Morrisey has emerged as one of the most proactive Attorneys General in the nation, fiercely combating federal overreach. He has filed lawsuits and submitted amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts on a range of issues, safeguarding constitutional rights, defending state jobs, and protecting vital energy resources. Notably, Morrisey is leading the multi-state litigation against the President's Clean Power Plan, which is widely considered an unprecedented and unlawful regulation.

During his tenure, Morrisey has bolstered the Office's Consumer Protection Division, empowering it to effectively enforce state laws and educate citizens about scams and identity theft prevention. Drawing on his extensive legal career, which began in 1992, Morrisey has accumulated significant expertise in high-profile health care matters. His previous experience in private practice and as the Deputy Staff Director and Chief Health Care Counsel to the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee has equipped him with invaluable insights into regulatory issues, Medicare, Medicaid, policy formulation, fraud investigations, legislative affairs, and challenges to federal statutes and regulations.

Morrisey earned his Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and political science with honors from Rutgers College in 1989. He subsequently obtained his juris doctor from Rutgers Law School-Newark in 1992.

Raised in a working-class family, Morrisey cherishes the values of hard work and dedication. He is happily married and the proud stepfather of an 18-year-old daughter.

Patrick Morrisey's tenure as Attorney General exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the people of West Virginia. Through his leadership, transparency, and relentless pursuit of justice, he continues to uphold the highest standards of integrity and defend the rights and interests of the state and its residents.


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