Our Two Candidates

In the Kanawha cabin, two people were elected for state offices. One citizen was Akshay Chandran. He was elected to represent the Nationalists for Secretary of State. “I am feeling pretty going about representing the Nationalists for Secretary of State. Even if I do not get elected over all, I can still say that I came far in this election process.” Chandran continued on to say that he felt that it was going to be an intense debate and he was eager to see what was in store.

The second candidate from Kanawha was Daniel Truong. Truong was chosen to represent the Federalists for Treasurer. Also known for his popular nickname “Swag Man Dan,” Daniel has no clue what to expect tonight at the debate but he is looking forward to it. Overall, I am proud to say that these two were chosen from Kanawha cabin for these state election positions.

Travis Kirtner

Kanawha Cottage Report