Panhandle Cottage

Board of Education Meeting

Thursday 10:00 a.m.

All Citizens Are Welcome for Discussion


Legion Leaders

This camp’s purpose is to inspire young men, and help them reach greatness. So the counselors should be able to do this, and one such gentleman has accomplished this Rick Anderson. This man has made it his job in life to guild the youth to these aspirations. He uses tales and stories of himself to connect to the youth he is in conversation with before further inspiring them by getting to know them more personally.

Overall this man takes his job to the limit by being an outlet to the youth of this camp by not judging them, not trying to instruct them on what to do, and most importantly just being there for anyone period.

Supreme Court of Appeals Docket





9:00                     Justices and Attorney General convene in back of Harrison Cottage for orientation: legal instruction;

11:00                  Session 1 – Harrison Cottage

Swearing in of all persons who passed the MBS Bar Examination who wish to practice law, required for all attorneys participating in mock trials, and

Conduct other business that may come before the Court


9:00                     Session 2 – Harrison Cottage

Conduct business that may come before the Court

10:30                  Session 3 – Harrison Cottage

Conduct business that may come before the Court

6:30                     Session 4 – Harrison Cottage

Hear appeals from Circuits 1 (Randolph), and 5 (Kanawha), and

Conduct other business that may come before the Court


9:00                     Session 5 – Harrison Cottage

Announce decisions of appeals from Circuits 1 (Randolph), and 5 (Kanawha),

Hear appeals from Circuits 2 (Upshur/Harrison), and 3 (Marion), and

Conduct other business that may come before the Court

10:00                  Session

Guest Speakers Are Well Received At ALMBS

Monday night’s guest orators and WV’s Secretary of State have both been met with positive reception and standing ovations. Oliver Luck, Athletic Director of the State, spoke initially during Monday’s assembly with strong views on activism, stating “Nothing is achieved without a lot of hard work”. After a respectable applause, South Carolina Congressman Bob Englis advocated the importance of change and power. Following a brief demonstration and some wise words, Monday’s assembly was dismissed.

During Tuesday’s lunch, Boys State was quite privileged and honored to welcome Secretary of State Natalie Tennant to speak for our benefit. Citing everything from West Virginia’s history, her own conflicts and triumphs, and the correlations all of the ALMBS citizens share with our wonderful state’s accomplishments, Mrs. Tennant was very efficient and well spoken. Mountaineer Boys State thanks all of the speakers for their time.

–         Owen Bleigh, Marion Cottage

Contact for Military Service Academies

Interested in a Military Service Academy?

Contact: Lt Col Bob Minney, Ret

Fairmont, WV

Cell: (304) 677-6688

Home: (304) 363-8782


Last Night’s Broadcast

Last night was the ALMBS news first broadcast. Our news crew had one story last night. It was about the elections. The Nationalist versus the Federalists was the big topic.

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Calhoun Cabin

Monday morning, the citizens of Calhoun cottage got up at 6:30 to start cleaning. They swept, made beds, and cleaned the bathroom for inspection. At 7:50 AM, we were given orders to march to the dining hall for flag rising.  After the flag rising, we filed to the dining hall for breakfast.   After breakfast, both Federalists and Nationalists were told to go to the WV Building and then the Assembly Hall for a leadership meeting.

Both parties were dismissed at 12:00 PM. They were instructed to go back to their cottages and from there they would wait for lunch to begin. Our cottage only has 17 people in it, so it doesn’t take long to get in formation. One guy was missing when the instructor was taking role. Come to find out, the guy was in another cottage at this time. We found him and went to dinner.

Zachariah Robe

Tomb of the Unknown Solider

Early morning mist rose from the hallowed ground.

History ne’er forgotten.

Honorded by glory, surrounded by nature.

A sanctuary, a place of remembrance.

Of what? For who?

For those who are unknown,

They who have sacrificed their lives.

Not for claim or pride,

But rather, you and I.

Trey Westerfeld

Panhandle Daily Minutes

Sports Minute:

Panhandle Cottage dominated on the first day of sports, winning three out of the four matches played.  The results are as follows:


Day: Nationals vs. Gilmer/Calhoun Federalists – Win 44/20

Evening: Federalists vs.  Gilmer/Calhoun Nationalists – Win 44/20



Day: Federalists vs. Monroe Federalist – Loss 18/21 and 15/21

Evening (Sand): Nationalists vs. Webster/Barbour Nationalists – Win 21/20 and 21/12


Political Minute:

Ankur Kumar of Panhandle County was selected in the Federalist state primary as the candidate of choice who would carry the party banner into Tuesday night’s general election. When asked what his plan for governor was if voted into office he stated, “If elected, I plan to carry out the Federalist party’s platform and to be fair to all citizens of Mountaineers Boys State.”


Panhandle in the Community:

Citizens of Panhandle cottage can be seen involved around the Boys State community. Brian Mullis, who is known for leading the boys of Panhandle to the meeting grounds

The Musical Master of Monroe Cottage

The rooms of Monroe cottage were recently filled with music. One of its many occupants, a young man by the name of Stewart McGraw, played his guitar making a variety of pleasing tunes. An interview with him revealed much about his talent.

He was inspired to play at the young age of 9 when he heard his uncle play. It amazed him, so he learned how to play himself. Everything from self-teaching, massive amounts of practice, and pure dedication helped to inspire his love for the craft. His favorite genre of music to play is heavy metal, but he is a very capable musician in many areas.

Mr. McGraw plans on gathering others for a performance at Friday’s talent show. He has already amassed a series of potential candidates since the interview and they are said to be playing jazz music. See them at the talent show this Friday.

By Nathaniel Cumberledge, Monroe