Guest Speakers Are Well Received At ALMBS

Monday night’s guest orators and WV’s Secretary of State have both been met with positive reception and standing ovations. Oliver Luck, Athletic Director of the State, spoke initially during Monday’s assembly with strong views on activism, stating “Nothing is achieved without a lot of hard work”. After a respectable applause, South Carolina Congressman Bob Englis advocated the importance of change and power. Following a brief demonstration and some wise words, Monday’s assembly was dismissed.

During Tuesday’s lunch, Boys State was quite privileged and honored to welcome Secretary of State Natalie Tennant to speak for our benefit. Citing everything from West Virginia’s history, her own conflicts and triumphs, and the correlations all of the ALMBS citizens share with our wonderful state’s accomplishments, Mrs. Tennant was very efficient and well spoken. Mountaineer Boys State thanks all of the speakers for their time.

-         Owen Bleigh, Marion Cottage