The Musical Master of Monroe Cottage

The rooms of Monroe cottage were recently filled with music. One of its many occupants, a young man by the name of Stewart McGraw, played his guitar making a variety of pleasing tunes. An interview with him revealed much about his talent.

He was inspired to play at the young age of 9 when he heard his uncle play. It amazed him, so he learned how to play himself. Everything from self-teaching, massive amounts of practice, and pure dedication helped to inspire his love for the craft. His favorite genre of music to play is heavy metal, but he is a very capable musician in many areas.

Mr. McGraw plans on gathering others for a performance at Friday’s talent show. He has already amassed a series of potential candidates since the interview and they are said to be playing jazz music. See them at the talent show this Friday.

By Nathaniel Cumberledge, Monroe Cottage