Panhandle Daily Minutes

Sports Minute:

Panhandle Cottage dominated on the first day of sports, winning three out of the four matches played.  The results are as follows:


Day: Nationals vs. Gilmer/Calhoun Federalists - Win 44/20

Evening: Federalists vs.  Gilmer/Calhoun Nationalists – Win 44/20



Day: Federalists vs. Monroe Federalist – Loss 18/21 and 15/21

Evening (Sand): Nationalists vs. Webster/Barbour Nationalists – Win 21/20 and 21/12


Political Minute:

Ankur Kumar of Panhandle County was selected in the Federalist state primary as the candidate of choice who would carry the party banner into Tuesday night’s general election. When asked what his plan for governor was if voted into office he stated, “If elected, I plan to carry out the Federalist party’s platform and to be fair to all citizens of Mountaineers Boys State.”


Panhandle in the Community:

Citizens of Panhandle cottage can be seen involved around the Boys State community. Brian Mullis, who is known for leading the boys of Panhandle to the meeting grounds as Gideon, is an active member of the Americanism Program, and is expected to participate in the flag retirement ceremony. He divulged that “Citizens with the Americanism program would be retiring an American Flag with honor in a ceremony done with pride.” Panhandle applauds Brian’s commitment to promoting the American Spirit within the State.

Foster Jenkins