Calhoun Cabin

Monday morning, the citizens of Calhoun cottage got up at 6:30 to start cleaning. They swept, made beds, and cleaned the bathroom for inspection. At 7:50 AM, we were given orders to march to the dining hall for flag rising.  After the flag rising, we filed to the dining hall for breakfast.   After breakfast, both Federalists and Nationalists were told to go to the WV Building and then the Assembly Hall for a leadership meeting.

Both parties were dismissed at 12:00 PM. They were instructed to go back to their cottages and from there they would wait for lunch to begin. Our cottage only has 17 people in it, so it doesn’t take long to get in formation. One guy was missing when the instructor was taking role. Come to find out, the guy was in another cottage at this time. We found him and went to dinner.

Zachariah Robe