Marion Crushes the First Day in Athletics

Right off the bat, Marion is dominating the athletic scene of Boys State 2013. To start off the afternoon on Monday, Marion Federalists went up against Webster Federalists in basketball. In a close nit game, Marion came out on top with 32 to 28. Marion’s success did not end there. Their next stop was softball.

The same afternoon, Marion Nationalists faced off against Randolph Nationalists in a hard-played softball game. Once again, Marion Cottage came out on top with an 11 to 6 victory against Randolph.

In both evening athletic games, Marion continued their domination over the other cabins. The evening basketball game consisted of the Nationalist Marions vs. the Nationalist Upshurs. Marion crushed Upshur in a 40 to 27 victory.

The last athletic game of the day was the Federalist Marions against the Federalist Braxtons in a game of volleyball. A victory is consisted of winning two out of three games, and Marion showed no mercy by beating Braxton twice in a row 21 to 14 and 21 to 11.

by Justin C. Campbell