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2014 ALMBS State Police Officers

Evan Blackwood, Panhandle
Nathaniel T Booth, Braxton
Nathaniel Colebank, Panhandle
Cody Grimmitt, Randolph
Tyler S Heffner, Upshur
Christian Hushon, Panhandle
Sammy A. Jesmer, Gilmer
Ian V Mc Saughlin, Lewis
Parker T Onestinghel, Monroe
Dale L. Scott III, Marion
Ian Sparkman, Harrion
Preston Surface, Monroe
William L. Teufel III, Lewis
Mark W. Veach, Randolph
Josheph M. Wellman, Webster
Charles C. Whitney, Barbour
Wesley P Withrow, Kanawha
Jacob Work, Marion

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2014 ALMBS – Formal Review

Wednesday night, the American Legion West Virginia Boys State performed the annual formal review. All cabins marched and stood at attention in the pouring rain while proud parents watched the transformation of their children to the men of tomorrow. Citizens marched passed the governor when they were done with the field and marched straight into the cattle barn. Parents and citizens alike got settled in and watched Americanism ceremonies as well as two eloquent speakers. Buddie Curnette and Woody Williams both entertained and excite their respected crowd. After speakers were finished several presentations by the Boys State Choir and Boys State band to end the formal review. Once citizens and parents alike exited the livestock unit everyone caught up with the parents that attended and headed back to their jobs or assignments. The formal review revealed to the parents what Boys State is about and the life long

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ALMBS 2014 Bar Exam Standouts

Five hours after arrival on the first day of boys state, every citizen is required to take the ALMBS bar exam. This test determines eligibility to run for a legal office such as a judge or lawyer. The most exemplified students and cottage are underscored by this article from staff reporter Gene Bailey.

Bar Exam Results Proves Boys State Citizens Are Judicious

By Gene Bailey

Of the 348 citizens at Mountaineer Boys State, one-third of the citizens passed the infamous bar exam. Monroe Cottage attained the highest average on the state’s campus overall. Additionally, two citizens tied for the highest scoring individual exam. Chad Hollandsworth of Kanawha Cottage and Jamie Austin Rose of Harrison Cottage received an astounding 82% on the exam. Considering Mountaineer Boys State is a haven for academically-gifted students statewide, it is an honor to be among the examiners that passed the

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Nationalist and Federalist Present Their Platforms

After two sessions and a total of three hours of exciting caucuses, the Nationalists and Federalists finalized their platform. Both parties have similar ideas such as legalization of recreational marijuana and drug testing for citizens on welfare; furthermore, the parties did not have any conflicting planks between the two platforms. Below are the complete list of planks for each party from young men at the 2014 Mountaineer Boys State.


Greetings! The Nationalist Party has drafted a platform that can appeal to all Boys States citizens. Our party truly believe that by investing in our Boys State, we can accomplish common-sense objectives as set forth in our platform. Our party will remain unified moving forward, because we can only succeed when we all work together. Again, please review our platform and consider supporting our Nationalist candidates in the General Election.

With Regards,

Bradley Firchow

Nationalist Party Chairman


A 10-point grading scale similar

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2014 ALMBS Bank Staff

President: Omar Salem

Vice President: Nic Cheuvront

Loan Officer: Sam Tonkovich

Teller: Casey Martel, Dakota Null, and Parker Boughton

Branch Bankers: Tyler Johnson (Barbour), Dominic Muttillo (Braxton), Ryan Kunis (Panhandle), Michael Atkinson (Gilmer), Levi Masters (Calhoun), Andrew Armstrong (Lewis), John Wilfong (Upshur), Jamie Rose (Harrison), Ricky Willis (Kanawha), David Crupe (Marion), Demitrius Servicz (Randolph), Andrew Lyons (Monroe), and Killian Coyne (Webster)

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2014 ALMBS Broadcast Staff

Broadcast Manager: Franklin Norton

Assistant Broadcast Manager: Kevin Stryker

Staff Reporters: Jake Boice

Anchormen: Matthew Conner, Isaac Carroll, and Joseph Severino

Cameramen: Corey Knollinger and Matthew Groves

Website Coordinator: Connor Moffitt

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2014 ALMBS Newspaper Staff

Newspaper Editor: Quentin Squires

Assistant Newspaper Editor: Nathan Wilson

Staff Reporters: Jacob Evans, Gene Bailey, Trenton Barnhart

Photographer: Glen Smakula and Kole Hopwood

Cottage Reporters: Zack Hineman (Barbour), Christopher Bell (Braxton), Braden Barr (Calhoun), Nate Dehmlow (Gilmer), Ethan Carrico (Kanawha), Andrew Armstrong (Lewis), Adam Shackleford (Marion), Robert Stickular (Monroe), Evan Blackwood (Panhandle), Charles Rowe (Randolph), Tom Kotol (Upshur), and Dakota Roach (Webster)

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2014 ALMBS Panhandle General Election Results

County Results 
Sheriff Jeffrey Dexter
County Clerk Ike Tan
Prosecuting Attorney Seth Underwood
Circuit Clerk Matthew Conner
Assessor Alexander Cleland
Circuit Judge Evan Blackwood
Magistrate Jordan Petrice
State Senate Derek Zelkowski
Jacob Hanni
House of Delegates Samuel Martino
Nick Strogen
Chad Morrison
Ethan Hall
County Commisioner Ryan Streets
Ryan Kunis
Kieran Damm
City Results 
Mayor Zach Fahey

City Council

Malachi Hawkins
Eli Aberegg
John Buagi


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2014 ALMBS National Guard / Homeland Security

The following individuals are serving in the ALMBS National Guard. Thank you for your service!

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2014 ALMBS Natural Resources Police

The following individuals are serving as Natural Resources Police throughout the week.