ALMBS 2014 – WV Governor Tomblin

West Virginia GovernorEarl Ray Tomblin

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin serves as the 35th governor of the Mountain State. A Logan County native, Governor Tomblin received his undergraduate degree from West Virginia University, and an MBA from Marshall University.


A self-employed businessman and former school teacher, Governor Tomblin was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 1974 at the age of 22 and served in the house until he was elected to the West Virginia Senate in 1980. Governor Tomblin was the longest serving Senate President and was named the state’s first Lieutenant Governor in 2000. Throughout his years in public service Governor Tomblin has remained dedicated to creating a better West Virginia. Since becoming governor, Tomblin put more West Virginians back to work and reduced the tax burden on our families and business. Governor Tomblin made it a crime to text while driving and signed landmark mine safety

Secretary of State Natalie Tennant speaks at ALMBS 2014

The youngest of seven children, Natalie, grew up on a farm near Fairview in Marion County. Coming from a long line of teachers, Natalie’s parents and 5 of her brothers and sister taught in the public school system. She now lives in Charleston with her husband Erik and their daughter Delaney. Erik, who is a state Senator and small business owner, served in Afghanistan in 2011 as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.

Natalie’s father sold cows to pay her tuition bills at West Virginia University and she contributed by working part-time while in school. Tennant studied broadcasting and broke barriers, becoming the first woman to serve as the WVU Mountaineer. In 1991, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. For the next decade she anchored the news in Clarksburg and Charleston, bringing attention to stories that affected the people of West Virginia. Later, she and her husband started

2014 ALMBS College Fair

We would like to thank the following Colleges for participating in our College Fair.


Bethany College

Bluefield State College

Bridgewater College

Concord University

Davis & Elkins University

Fairmont State University

Garrett College

Glenville State College

Marshall University

Ohio Valley University

Pierpont Community & Technical College

Potomac State College

Washington & Jefferson College

Waynesburg University

West Liberty University

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

West Virginia State University

West Virginia University

West Virginia Wesleyan

Wheeling Jesuit University

2014 ALMBS Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results

Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Ryan Schriner Sheriff Jimmy Bishop  
    County Clerk    
    Prosecuting Attorney    
    Circuit Clerk Matthew Thompson  
  James Spencer Assessor Will Walker  
  Cordel Bostic Circuit Judge Cole Halobeck  
  Tom Kotol Magistrate Jamie Rose  
  John Wilfong State Senate Mitchell Winkie  
  John S. McLaughlin Bradley A. Firchow  
  Brandon Well House of Delegates Jack Victory  
  Peter Hartzell Michael Florio  
    County Commission Jacoby Steel  
      Don Shaffer  
      Joshua Palmer  
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
  John Wilfong Mayor David Boden  
  Peter Hartzel City Council Cole Matthew Holubeck  
  Ryan Schriner Joshua Palmer  
  Cody Brubaker Mason Lee  
    Board of Education    
    Sean Estep    
    Nick Martin    
    Brian Cox    


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2014 ALMBS Barbour/Webster Primary Election Results

Barbour/Webster Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Chris Beaman Sheriff Dominic Mullenax  
    County Clerk Jonathan MD  
    Prosecuting Attorney    
    Circuit Clerk    
    Assessor Thomas J. Napier  
  Levi Messer Circuit Judge Patrick Byxbee  
  Kade Kiselica Magistrate Zach Wentz  
  Dominic Raymond State Senate Daniel Stanley  
    Cameron Wilson  
    House of Delegates Nicholas Tice  
  Brandon Richards County Commission    
  Bryan Rosencrance      
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
  Spencer White Mayor Jake Harbert  
  Kade Kiselica City Council Anthony Basil  
  Clayton Lightner Johny McGuire  
  Levi Messer    
    Board of Education    
    Hunter Kasmier    
    Killian Coyne    
    Zachary Wentz    


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2014 ALMBS Calhoun/Gilmer Primary Election Results

Calhoun/Gilmer Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Brian Knight Sheriff    
    County Clerk    
  John Michaels Prosecuting Attorney Brody Eggert  
    Circuit Clerk    
  Nate Dehmlow Circuit Judge Gene Bailey  
  Liam Pinion State Senate Noah LeGrand  
  James Carnes Ryan Bower  
  Connor Thomas House of Delegates    
    County Commission Caleb Hawkins  
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
  Levi Masters City Council Logan Orton  
  Cody Young    
  Joseph Enders    
    Board of Education    


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2014 ALMBS Randolph Primary Election Results

Randolph Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Brian Gray Sheriff Brett Joseph Barton  
  Calvin Burdine County Clerk Chuckie Rowe  
  Josh Smart Prosecuting Attorney Joshua Lee Davis  
    Circuit Clerk Chuckie Rowe  
  Lucas Prine Assessor Chuckie Rowe  
  Justin Wilson Circuit Judge    
    Magistrate Pierce Griffin  
  Luke Peng State Senate Jakob Heilman  
    Shawnee Hogbin  
  Tanner Carr House of Delegates Andrew Butcher  
  Josh Hastings County Commission Chuckie Rowe  
  Justice Courrier      
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
  Josh Hastings Mayor Shawnee Hogbin  
  Lucas Prine City Council Chuckie Rowe  
  Justice Courrier    
  Calvin Burdine    
    Board of Education    
    Nathan Jessureh    
    Charles Rowe    


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2014 ALMBS Marion Primary Election Results

Marion Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
    Sheriff Hunter Fletcher  
  Dante James Russo County Clerk    
  Steven Chhabra Prosecuting Attorney    
  Nicholas Martin Circuit Clerk Nathaniel Ridenour  
    Assessor Jared Ehni  
    Circuit Judge    
  James Conner Nesselrock Magistrate    
  Omar Salem State Senate David Stickel  
  Eldrich Millares David Crupe  
  Corey Knullinger House of Delegates Matt Powney  
    Daniel Grimm  
    County Commission Shamar Wooden  
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
  Tucker Miller Mayor David Crupe  
  Kyle Rodgers City Council    
  Steven Chhabra    
  Nicholas Martin    
    Board of Education    
    Charles Dickens    
    Justin Tolstyka    
    Adam Shackleford    


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2014 ALMBS Monroe Primary Election Results

Monroe Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Keegan Mueller Sheriff    
    County Clerk    
    Prosecuting Attorney John Dakota Lawson  
    Circuit Clerk    
  Joel Beaver Assessor    
  Noah O’Brien Circuit Judge    
  Dante McCarrolle Jr. Magistrate    
  Millard Strickler State Senate Matthew Keaton  
    Craig Allen  
  Matthew Kersting House of Delegates John Thomas  
  James Goots County Commission    
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
    Mayor Kamian Bartlett  
  Andrew Lyons City Council Matthew Kersting  
    Lucas Pannett  
    Craig Allen  
    Board of Education    
    Logan Arnold    
    Austin Page    
    Isaac Warden    


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2014 ALMBS Braxton Primary Election Results

Braxton Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Quinton Burge Sheriff    
    County Clerk Matthew Wallace  
  Chad McIntrye Prosecuting Attorney Chase Loving  
    Circuit Clerk    
  Jonathan Hicks Circuit Judge    
  Dakota Null Magistrate    
  Joseph Hardin State Senate Gunnar Poling  
  John Kolar House of Delegates Trenton Burnhart  
  Austin Davis Colton Moor  
  Garrett O’Connell Timothy Cody  
    County Commission Christian Knopp  
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
    Mayor James Kendrick  
  John Kolar City Council Trenton Barnhart  
  Trey Giorcelli Matthew Wallace  
  Garrett O’Connell Gunnar Poling  
    Board of Education    
    Trey Giorcelli    
    Dominic Philip Muttillo    
    John Washington    


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