Buddie Curnutte

2014 ALMBS – “Buddie” Curnette with Rosie the Riveters

Bertha (“Buddie”) Curnutte was a riveter on P40 and C47 airplanes in Cheetawaga, NY, about 50 miles east of Buffalo at Curtis Wright Manufacturing, for two years during World War II. One of her most vivid memories is that a plane crashed while being test flown from the grounds, which heightened the women’s concerns to do first-quality work. “Every rivet we made was with worry that if we did a bad job, lives would be lost.”


Then, she joined the Coast Guard and chose the medical corps to contribute in a different way. She remembers 100s of women on the train going to the all-male Coast Guard base on Manhattan Beach, Sheep’s Head Bay, Brooklyn, and when they arrived,they were the first women, and guards surrounded the base to keep men out. They marched constantly, it was January and snowy, they did not have uniforms, and women who had only high

Woody Williams

2014 ALMBS – Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient “Woody” Williams

Hershel Woodrow Williams was born on 2 October 1923 in Quiet Dell, West Virginia. He worked as a taxi and truck driver before enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve from that state in May 1943. During the summer and fall he received recruit training at San Diego, California, and advanced training in the use of flame throwers and combat demolitions. Williams served overseas on New Caledonia and Guadalcanal with the THIRD Marine Division and, as a member of the Twenty-first Marines, took part in combat action on Guam.

With the same unit, Corporal Williams was a Demolition Sergeant during the Battle for Iwo Jima. On 23 February 1945, when American tanks were held up by Japanese guns, minefields and rough island terrain, he advanced alone and, in a four hour effort while under terrific fire, utilized demolition charges and flame throwers to annihilate many enemy positions, thus enabling his company to

WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey

2014 ALMBS – WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey

Patrick Morrisey was elected as the Attorney General for the State of West Virginia on November 6, 2012, and was sworn into office on January 14, 2013. Patrick Morrisey is the first Republican to serve as Attorney General in West Virginia since 1933, and as a resident of Harpers Ferry, Morrisey is also the first Attorney General from Jefferson County in our state’s history.

In practice since 1992, Morrisey worked on many high profile health care matters prior to serving as Attorney General, and possesses a broad array of experience on regulatory issues, Medicare, Medicaid, policy, fraud and abuse investigations, legislative matters, strategic counseling, and legal and policy challenges to federal statutes and regulations.

Prior to his election, Morrisey assisted in the successful multi-state challenge to the national health care law in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and counseled Members of Congress on strategies to repeal the law. He has also

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2014 ALMBS Panhandle General Election Results

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Magistrate Jordan Petrice
State Senate Derek Zelkowski
Jacob Hanni
House of Delegates Samuel Martino
Nick Strogen
Chad Morrison
Ethan Hall
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Ryan Kunis
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Malachi Hawkins
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John Buagi


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2014 ALMBS Kanawha General Elections

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Circuit Judge Ryan Giles
Magistrate Joseph Ellis
State Senate R.J Senior
Austin Perdue
House of Delegates Christopher E. Bodkin
Seth Storch
Kevin Stryker
County Commisioner Derek Martin
Chard Hollandsworth
William Boyce
City Results 
Mayor Ryan Hubbard

City Council

Logan Bell
Toby Crawford
Josh Daniels


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