Woody Williams: A True American Hero

Mister Hershel Woody Williams was born on October 2, 1923 in Fairmont, West Virginia. In 1943, Williams enlisted in the Marine Corps in Charleston. He was trained in the Marine Recruit Depot in San Diego, California, and became part of the 32nd Replacement Battalion which was sent to the southwest Pacific. In January 1944, he joined the 3rd Marine Division and later in the year took action against the Japanese at Guam.

In 1945, Williams was shipped to Iwo Jima where he would be recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty. He charged the enemy lines with only a flamethrower and four riflemen backing him up. He led the charge multiple times during the war and was distinguished as a great soldier. He later received a Purple Heart and the Congressional Medal of Honor. Currently he is the only living Congressional Medal of Honor in the state of West Virginia.

Mister Williams now talks to young men and women about his time of service and about patriotism. He has served his country as a great man would and still does to this day. We must thank Mister Williams and remember his message as we too serve our country.

-Jacob Wilkinson