Nationalist and Federalist Present Their Platforms

After two sessions and a total of three hours of exciting caucuses, the Nationalists and Federalists finalized their platform. Both parties have similar ideas such as legalization of recreational marijuana and drug testing for citizens on welfare; furthermore, the parties did not have any conflicting planks between the two platforms. Below are the complete list of planks for each party from young men at the 2014 Mountaineer Boys State.


Greetings! The Nationalist Party has drafted a platform that can appeal to all Boys States citizens. Our party truly believe that by investing in our Boys State, we can accomplish common-sense objectives as set forth in our platform. Our party will remain unified moving forward, because we can only succeed when we all work together. Again, please review our platform and consider supporting our Nationalist candidates in the General Election.

With Regards,

Bradley Firchow

Nationalist Party Chairman

  1. Education
    1. A 10-point grading scale similar to that of colleges
    2. No-tenure system for teachers
    3. Optional life skills classes
    4. Comprehensive sexual education
    5. No toleration for Common Core State Standards
    6. Testing out of unnecessary classes


  1. Infrastructure & Job Creation
    1. Road and Bridge Maintenance
    2. Statewide mandatory pothole prevention and filling


  1. Energy
    1. Alternative and renewable energy sources
    2. Sustainable growth and energy independence
    3. Establishing acreage restrictions on mountaintop removal
  2. Farm Assistance Programs
    1. Subsidies for restaurants serving local food and small local farms in the state


  1. Punishment for Sexual Felonies
    1. Increase of jail time for child molestation and other sexual felonies


  1. Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
    1. Legal age limit of 21
    2. Allowances for religious use of marijuana under 21


  1. Drug Testing for Welfare
    1. Requirement of drug testing in order to receive unemployment assistance
    2. Requirement that welfare recipients accept any job offer


  1. Removal of Death Tax and Inheritance Tax
    1. Seeks to limit the government in post-mortem involvements
    2. Seeks to limit the already insurmountable grief faced by the family of the deceased






  1. Increase in teacher salary, and required technology classes for teachers and students.
  2. Beautification of the state of WV to increase population, tourism, and to attract more business.
  3. To have required drug tests for all citizens on food stamps, welfare, and those who are unemployed.
  4. Have West Virginia legalize recreational marijuana.
  5. Lower the legal voting age to 16 instead of 18.