2016 ALMBS Panhandle Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Cole Price (F) and Dominick McDonald (N)
County Clerk - Christopher Basham (F)
Prosecuting Attorney - Jonathon Wimer (F) and Alexander Scott (N)
Circuit Clerk - Bryce Childers (F)
Assessor - Jordan Loften (F) and Josh Dalton (N)
County Commission (3) - Noah Chidester (F), Aaron Hudson (F), Tyler Mehr (N), and Lucas Sirbaugh (N)
House of Delegates - Benjamin Chenoweth (F), Austin Christian (F), James Lyons (F), Cam White (F), and Corey Wratchford (F), Zachary Flanigan (N), Zach Halterman (N), Ty Logston (N), and Steven "Tanner" Nutter (N)
State Senate (2) - Jeb Brady (F), Braden Comer (F), and Marquise Gulledge (N)

City Results

Mayor - Nicholas Tarley (F) and Steven "Tanner" Nutter (N)
City Council (3) - Austin Christian (F), Brett Knighton (F), and Joel Larsen (F), Dominick McDonald (N), and Lucas Sirbaugh (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Nathaniel Paine
Circuit Judge - Zachary Strong
Magistrate - Isaiah Coleman