2016 ALMBS Marion General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Jace Edwards (F)
County Clerk - George McPhail (N)
Prosecuting Attorney - James Floyd (N)
Circuit Clerk - Philip Carson (N)
Assessor - Adam Craig (N)
County Commission (3) - Bridon Strahin (F), Nicholas Miller (N), and Gavin Grymes (N)
House of Delegates - Kyle Riggleman (F), Jacob Humberson (F), Gabe McGinnis (N), Jacob Harper (N), Bradley Bommarito (N), and Andrew Lewis (N)
State Senate (2) - Clay Hinchman (F) and Michael Oliverio III (N)

City Results

Mayor - Philip Carson (N)
City Council (3) - Jacob Price (F), Garrett King (N), and George McPhail (N)