2016 ALMBS Monroe Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Dylan "Heiney" (F) and Harmon Lanager (N)
County Clerk - Jackson Carpenter (F)
Prosecuting Attorney - John Campitell (F) and Sean Doyle (N)
Circuit Clerk - Nathan Postle (F)
Assessor - Matthew Boothe (F) and Alex Odom (N)
County Commission (3) - Alex Chandler (F), Jacob Kirkendoll (F), Logan Cerullo (N), and Michael "The Pillar" Miller (N)
House of Delegates - Nathaniel Frazier (F), Cole Haley (F), Shade White (F), Corey Bunch (N), Trey Shuff (N), Dakotah Pruner (N)
State Senate (2) - Michael Roder (F), Nathaniel Wheeler (F), and Garrett Roberston (N)

City Results

Mayor - Micahel "The Pillor" Miller (F) and Quenton "Feel the Burn" Burner" (N)
City Council (3) - Corey Bunch (F), Alex Odom (F), Lincoln Opyoke (F), Trenton Pongsugree (N), Forrest Funkhuser (N), and Thomas Bobbitt (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Forrest Funkhuser and Dakotah Pruner
Circuit Judge - Lincoln Opyoke
Magistrate - Dylan Heiney