2016 ALMBS Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - David "Flea" Murphy (F) and Braden "BWilly" Wilfong (N)
County Clerk - Daniel Flowers (F) and Zachary "Zach" Shreve
Prosecuting Attorney - Zachary Hyre (F) and Shawn Gunthell (N)
Circuit Clerk - Jarrett Hott (N)
Assessor - Joshua Jones (N)
County Commission (3) - Sam Bolyard (F), Dylan Doyle (F), Jonathan Petty (N), Jackson Vance (N), Jentry "The Truth" Shultz (N)
House of Delegates - Logan Wagner (F), Jacob Stanislawczyk (F), Jonathan Stodola (N), Aaron Banks (N), Austin Wilson (N), Alex Altenburg (N), and K. Weekley (N)
State Senate (2) - Dylan Doyle (F), Will "The Thrill" Collier (N), and Haden Miller (N)

City Results

Mayor - David "Flea" Murphy (F) and Jarrett Hott (N)
City Council (3) - Dylan Doyle (F) and Sam Bolyard (F)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Dylan Doyle
Circuit Judge - Alexander Young
Magistrate - Jarod Rhodes