Kent Leonhardt, West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture, to Deliver Inspiring Keynote Address at The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State!

Kent Leonhardt is a dedicated public servant and experienced farmer who has been serving the State of West Virginia since 2014. After being elected to the West Virginia State Senate representing the 2nd Senatorial District, which encompassed several rural counties, Kent went on to be elected as the West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture in 2016, now serving his second term.

Kent’s passion for farming developed at a young age while serving in the United States Marine Corps. In 1982, he purchased an abandoned farm near Blacksville, WV, and together with his wife Shirley, revitalized it. For two decades, they raised sheep, cattle, and goats, as well as cultivated crops and sold hay when there was a surplus.

Kent’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Missouri, where he took courses in agriculture, natural resources, and environmental protection. He also holds a Master’s in Business Management from Central

Mastering the Art of Leadership: Discover the Secrets to Effective Leadership with Mark McMillion, a West Point Graduate and Internationally Seasoned Leader

Mark McMillion is a seasoned leader with over 25 years of experience, honing his leadership skills in diverse environments across the globe. As a graduate of West Point, he received unparalleled training in the art of leadership. With a strong foundation in engineering, Mark understands the importance of data-driven decision-making. His extensive military career included assignments in Germany, Norway, and two combat tours in Iraq, where he held various leadership positions.

Mark firmly believes that true leadership extends beyond giving orders or disciplinary actions. Building mutual trust, loyalty, and respect for others are essential qualities for effective leadership in any setting. Throughout his career, he held pivotal roles such as platoon leader, West Point assistant professor, battalion executive officer, and exercise planner for NATO. Each experience contributed significantly to his personal growth and leadership development.

Working alongside exceptional sergeants as a platoon leader, Mark learned that leading great teams often involves providing

Unlocking Financial Success: Join us for a Keynote Presentation by Edward Jones, featuring Lisa Cain and Thomas Newbrough!


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Lisa Cain is an experienced financial advisor with over 19 years of industry expertise, having joined Edward Jones in 2012. With a commitment to providing exceptional service, Lisa

JB McCuskey: Leading with Transparency as State Auditor

John B. “JB” McCuskey, the 21st State Auditor of West Virginia, is currently serving his second term, having been first elected in 2016. Prior to his role as Auditor, he served two terms in the House of Delegates and practiced law in Charleston.

As Auditor, McCuskey has made it his priority to establish an efficient, effective, and transparent government. Under his leadership, West Virginia has become the most transparent state in the nation, providing citizens with real-time access to data on how their tax dollars are utilized through McCuskey has also introduced the Public Integrity and Fraud Unit, leading over 200 investigations into local governments and uncovering more than $2.5 million in fraudulent activities.

A key tool in the fight against fraud and abuse is the state Purchasing Card (P-Card) program. Over the past five years, McCuskey has successfully advocated for increased adoption of the P-Card among agencies, boards, commissions, and

Patrick Morrisey: Leading with Integrity as Attorney General

Patrick Morrisey was elected as the Attorney General for the State of West Virginia on November 6, 2012, marking the first time a Republican has held this position since 1933. Hailing from Harpers Ferry, Morrisey is not only the first Attorney General from Jefferson County but also a dedicated resident of West Virginia.

As Attorney General, Morrisey has exhibited a strong commitment to combating fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption. Immediately upon taking office, he implemented a transparent policy for hiring outside counsel, resulting in increased accountability and saving the state over $4 million. Furthermore, Morrisey voluntarily returned approximately $18 million to the state, demonstrating his dedication to fiscal responsibility. Through his efforts, he has secured additional funds for state agency clients and consumers, benefiting the people of West Virginia.

In 2014, Morrisey urged the West Virginia Legislature to conduct comprehensive audits and performance reviews of state agencies to ensure the proper use

ALMBS Election Results Feature Image

2023 Statewide General Election Results

Governor – Samuel Dodson
Secretary of State – Eric Carr
Auditor – (JMoss The Boss) Justin Moss
Treasurer – (Mr. Krabs) Nicholas Tustin
Commissioner of Agriculture – Spencer Nolan
Attorney General – Sam (Uncle Sam) Struthers

Justice of the Supreme Court

Matthew (The Hammer) Bellisario
Christian (Pack) Packer
Britt (The Swell) Shoedel
(Just-Ice) Nick Albright
(JOECHAP) Joseph Chapman

ALMBS Election Results Feature Image

2023 Lewis/Upshur General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Reilly Wolfe (N)
County Clerk – Alex Peyton (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Isaiah Harvey (N)
Circuit Clerk – Kyan Cummons (F)
Assessor – Andrew Duncan (N)
County Commission (3) – Cody Willey (F), Julian Hitt (N)
State Senate (2) – () Josiah Carley (F), Liam McCarty (N)
House of Delegates – Michael Hadjis (F), Isaac Bailey (F), Liam Savage (N), Boden Bumgardner (N)

City Results

Mayor – Aaron Insoni (F)
City Council (3) – Jacob Powell (F), Thomas Ryncarz (N), William Wolfe (N)

ALMBS Election Results Feature Image

2023 Panhandle General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Christan Reel (N)
County Clerk – Zane Balis (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Connor Lundy (N)
Circuit Clerk – Nathan Castle (F)
Assessor – Connor Pickens (F)
County Commission (3) – Aidan Chance (F), Grant Kenamond (F), Zane Nelson (N)
State Senate (2) – Levi Estep (F), Trevor Donley (N)
House of Delegates – Kai Smith (F), Dakota Hamrick (F), Samuel Booth (N), Liam Gallagher (N)

City Results

Mayor – Joshua Molina (F)
City Council (3) – Camden Johnson (F), Kristian McLean (N), Charles Williams (N)

ALMBS Election Results Feature Image

2023 Monroe/Webster General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Chase Day (N)
County Clerk – Grady Brown (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Sam Struthers (N)
Circuit Clerk – Aidan Rogers (N)
Assessor – Benjamin Li (N)
County Commission (3) – Maddox Rader (F), Devon Welge (N), Isaac Horn (N)
State Senate (2) – Bennett Luo (F), Spencer Nolan (N)
House of Delegates – James Lepro (N), Venkat Das (N), Gorvin Weng (N), Colin Savage (N)

City Results

Mayor – Jacob Wisman (N)
City Council (3) – Jake (F), Jacob Edwards (F), Andrew Vilseck (N)

ALMBS Election Results Feature Image

2023 Marion General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Noah Broadwater (N)
County Clerk – Benjamin Bifano (F)
Prosecuting Attorney – Ronald Greer (F)
Circuit Clerk – VACANT ()
Assessor – William Miller (N)
County Commission (3) – Abbas Sayyed (F), Lucas Duelley Burdette (N), Nate Berhalter (N)
State Senate (2) – Luke Minor (F), Isaiah Martin (N)
House of Delegates – Michael Mugnano (F), Thomas Jefferson Lyons (N)

City Results

Mayor – Tobias Fleece (F)
City Council (3) – VACANT