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2022 ALMBS Kanawha Primary Result

County Results

Sheriff – Wyatt Burkholder (N)
County Clerk – N/A
Circuit Clerk – N/A
Assessor – Jackson Simpkins (F), Zach Burker (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Ryan Riamey (N)
County Commission (3) – Eric Tedrow (F)
House of Delegates – Trenton Denne (F), David Kapp (F),  Nathaniel Cook (N), Caleb Broyels (N)
State Senate (2) – Atticus Reese (F), Alexander Alvarez (F), Will Beherns (N)

City Results

Mayor – Atticus Reese (F), Will Beherns (N)
City Council (3) – David Kapp (F), Eric Tedrow (F), Cedric Allder (F),  Rowen Davis (N), Christopher Powers (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Brennan Gough, Cedric Allder
Circuit Judge – John Huff
Magistrate – Aaron Ramsey

ALMBS Election Results Feature Image

2022 ALMBS Lewis/Upshur Primary Result

County Results

Sheriff – Caleb Hill (N)
County Clerk –  N/A
Prosecuting Attorney – Curry Taylor (F), Cameron Kearns (N)
Circuit Clerk – N/A
Assessor – Seth Pagano (F)
County Commission (3) – Patrick Childers (F),
House of Delegates – Zander Lamp (F), Caleb Hill (N), Seth Sions (N)
State Senate (2) – Brayton Boggs (F), Andrew Davis (F), Payton Martin (N), Declan Hall (N)

City Results

Mayor – Zander Lamp (F), Declan Hall (N)
City Council (3) – Patrick Childers (F), Curry Taylor (F), Caleb Hill (N), Seth Sions (N), Payton Martin (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Matthew Delawnder
Circuit Judge – N/A
Magistrate – N/A

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2022 Bar Exam Results Announced

Congratulations to the following citizens for passing the 2022 Bar Exam!

Kanawha Atticus Reese
Kanawha David Kapp
Kanawha Jacob Petroski
Kanawha Ryan Ramey
Kanawha Reese Carpenter
Kanawha Ryan Hoffman
Kanawha Will Behrens
Kanawha John Huff
Kanawha Jonah Cottrell
Kanawha Wyatt Burkholder


Lewis Ryan Morris
Lewis Johnathan Bennett
Lewis Curry Taylor
Lewis Matthew McAra
Lewis Andrew Davis
Lewis Seth Sions
Lewis Conner Hawkins


Marion Alec Bolyard
Marion Ryan Hefner
Marion Sam Stotler
Marion Dylan McDade
Marion Nate Flower
Marion Braydie Carr
Marion Alexander Herron
Marion James Armstrong
Marion Thomas Giggenbach
Marion Drew Hill
Marion Austin Silva


Monroe Maxwell Fraizer
Monroe William Thompson
Monroe Hunter Trippett
Monroe Caiden Youngblood
Monroe Colin Street
Monroe Garrett Goolie


Panhandle Brady McMullen
Panhandle Vincent Post
Panhandle Jacob Sherman
Panhandle Zachary Tackett
Panhandle Seth Harris
Panhandle Bruce Garuccio
Panhandle Lucas Marsh
Panhandle Hunter Gracey
Panhandle Aiden Hohn
Panhandle Alexander Arzt


Randolph Landon Bryant
Randolph Tye Clark
Randolph Garret Pritt
Randolph Clark Gillispie
Randolph Varin Miller
Randolph Rowen Mills
Randolph Chase Steorts
Randolph Wyatt DeBoard
Randolph Evan Dipasquale
Randolph Joshua Greer
dolph Braden Whitelatch
Randolph Kyle Phillips
Randolph Christian Wine
Randolph Anthony Mele


Upshur Brayton Boggs
Upshur Declan Hall
Upshur Cameron Kearns
Upshur Zander Lamp
Upshur Carson Kuhns


Webster Nicholas Harmon
Webster Jacob Maue
Webster Charles Frizzell
Webster Jacob Banten
Webster Colin Walker
Webster Pacey From
Webster Chase Henderson



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2022 Office of Emergency Services Staff Announced

Congratulations to the following citizens for being named part of the 2022 Office of Emergency Services (OES) program:

  • Lewis – William Satterfield
  • Kanawha – Gavin Stenger
  • Marion – Richard Martinez
  • Webster – Micah Millen
  • Monroe – Andrew Thompson
  • Randolph – Varian “JR” Miller
  • Panhandle – London Edwards
Senator Capito Speaking

US Senator Shelley Capito Speaks to ALMBS Citizens

Senator Shelley Moore Capito – Shelley Moore Capito was elected by the people of West Virginia to the United States Senate in 2014, and re-elected in 2020. She is the first female U.S. senator in West Virginia’s history and was elected with the largest margin of victory for a Republican in state history—winning more than 70 percent of the vote and all 55 counties, surpassing the previous mark she set in 2014 when she won more than 62 percent of the vote and all 55 counties. After serving West Virginia’s Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives for 14 years, and as a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates for four years prior, Senator Capito decided to run for Senate to be an even stronger voice for the Mountain State. She also saw an opportunity to restore order to a Senate stuck in gridlock for far

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WV Secretary of State Speaks to ALMBS Citizens

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner is serving in his second term. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a graduate of the West Virginia University School of Law School. He earned Master of Law degrees from the University of Virginia Law School and the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s School.

During his 23-year career in the United States Army, Secretary Warner served on four continents, deploying to military hot spots around the world. On one assignment, Warner took part in activities involving the capture and transfer of suspected war criminals to the International Court of Justice at the Hague. In other assignments, he served as an artilleryman, prosecutor, defense counsel, command adviser, and law instructor. He held a variety of leadership and teaching positions, culminating as the Chief of International Law for the US Army Europe in Heidelberg, Germany. He also served on

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Jamie Summerlin Addresses ALMBS

On March 26, 2012, Jamie Summerlin, a US Marine Corps veteran, started an improbable cross-country journey. In order to honor our Military, Veterans, and raise funds for West Virginia-based Operation Welcome Home, a veteran’s facility he helped co-found in 2012, he would run coast to coast beginning in Coos Bay, Oregon. After 100 days, 10 pairs of running shoes, 3,452 miles, and impacting countless lives along the way, Jamie completed his journey in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, becoming the 48th person in history to complete a true Ocean to Ocean run across America.

Jamie currently serves as the CEO of Guidon Creative, an events management and promotion company that provides consulting, management and design for events large and small in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Jamie resides in Morgantown WV with his wife Tiffany, who are the proud parents of their two children Nicholas & Shayna, and are currently very happy to be empty-nesters.

For more

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Welcome to ALMBS

Good Morning Citizens of The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State. After two years, the #ALMBS Staff is prepared and WVU Jackson’s Mill stands ready to welcome you with open arms. Registration begins at 8:30am at the Main Pavilion.

When you arrive at registration, please bring your completed forms packet and a parent/legal guardian with you to the registration line. Please travel safe and we look forward to your arrival.


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ALMBS General Logo

Are you ALMBS ready?

The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State returns to developing the “Men of Tomorrow” in 15 days. Are you ready for this Week that Shapes a Lifetime?

Here is a preparation checklist:

Read entire contents of the Citizen Packet.
Obtain physical examination and bring completed WVSSAC Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physician’s Certification Form and Affidavit and Consent to Treat to Registration. The Affidavit and Consent to Treat requires a parent(s)/guardian(s) signature and must be notarized.
Attend an orientation session. (RSVP online; only two session remain June 1 and June 5)
Visit ALMBS website
Subscribe to our channel on YouTube at, follow us on Twitter at:, follow us on LinkedIn at, like our Facebook page at:, and join the discussion on our Facebook group at:
Study law lecture, under the Legal Career Path.
Develop a plan (What you want to do/be at The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State.) and backup plan(s). (If first, second, third, etc. plans

ALMBS Orientations Underway

Have you applied to attend ALMBS? Have you registered for an orientation session? Do so today!

You and your parent(s)/guardian(s) are requested to attend an Orientation Session. Preregistration for an Orientation Session is required. The purpose of the Orientation is to acquaint you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) with the ALMBS program. You will meet others who will be attending ALMBS and will have an opportunity to ask questions about the program. Please have the Citizen Packet with you during the Orientation Session.

The program should last approximately 45 minutes. Your local American Legion Post may have a supplemental orientation that will provide additional information. The orientation sessions will be held virtually. It is requested that the citizen be available by video; however, this is not required. Pre-registration should be completed on the ALMBS website at

To register for an Orientation Session, you will need the password included within the Citizen Packet. After registering,