ALMBS Alumni Named 2015 EQT Students of Excellence

The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State would like to congratulate its Alumni who have been named as 2015 EQT Students of Excellence.

2015 EQT Students of Excellence

The following individuals received Renewable, 4-year, $18,000 Scholarships: Stephen Groh, Jr. (Jefferson County, Washington High School), Julian Work (Tyler County, Tyler Consolidated High School), and Ken Wu (Marshall County, John Marshall High School).

The following individuals received $1,000 Scholarships: David Claypool (Lewis County, Lewis County High School), Kristopher Creel II (Wood County, Parkersburg Catholic High School), Nolan Holley (Jackson County, Ripley High School), Noah Irving (Mineral County, Frankfurt High School), Jeffrey May (Taylor County, Grafton High School), Dalton Minger (Brooke County, Brooke County High School), Fred Rice (McDowell County, Mount View High School), Tevis Robinson (Putnam County, Hurricane High School), August Mattias Schmidt (Ohio County, Wheeling Central Catholic High School), Jeremiah Schollar (Wyoming County, Westside High School), and Thad Taylor (Cabell County, Huntington High School).

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ALMBS and ALARGS Participants Excel

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2011 State Journal EQT Students of Excellence: Joshua M. Childs (Morgantown High School), Stephen M. Ferguson (Phillip Barbour High School), Austin L. Hickman (Huntington High School), Vincenzo J. Pizzuti (Brooke High School), Adriane M. Rine (Tyler Consolidated High School), and Cameron C. Viney (Elkins High School). These six individuals listed that they were a member of The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State or The American Legion Auxiliary Rhododendron Girls State.

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