The American Legion Welcomes 350 Citizens at 82ND Annual ALMBS

The 82nd Annual American Legion Boys State officially began today, June 9, 2019. Approximately 350 young men from all regions of West Virginia went through the registration process, which
included their cottage and party assignments, as well as issuance of their American Legion Boys State t-shirts.

After registration, the citizens were off to their assigned cottages to meet their counselors, find a bed, have an orientation, and get ready for the Law Lecture and Bar Exam. Each citizen was given The American Legion Boys State Manual of Government, which will be his guide throughout the week.

The American Legion Boys State program offers opportunities for each citizen to have hands on learning in banking, journalism, law enforcement, legal, political, homeland security, National Guard, corrections, and emergency management career paths.

The American Legion Boys State counselors and staff are volunteers who are available to help with any need that may arise whether it is career