2019 ALMBS Monroe Primary Result

County Results

Sheriff – Ben “Benny Stricks” Strickland (F), Alex Morris (N), Marquise Washington (N)
County Clerk
Prosecuting Attorney – Matthew Mrozek (F),
Circuit Clerk
Assessor – Ty Haley (N)

County Commission (3) – “Farriswheel” Fathallah (N), Bryson Satterfield (N)
House of Delegates – “Apollo” Creed Ammons (F), William Chapman (N), Salvatore Saulle (N)
State Senate (2) – Matthew Kolb (F), Ben “Benny Stricks” Strickland (F), Carson Winkie (F)

City Results

Mayor – “Apollo” Creed Ammons (F), Samuel McFerrin (F), Ben “Benny Stricks” Strickland (F)
City Council (3) – “Max” Maverick Thaxton (F), Jacob Shuttleworth (F), Marquise Washington (N), “Farriswheel” Fathallah (N), Samuel Krason

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Jacob Shuttleworth
Circuit Judge – “Dear” Calvin Dear