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Announcing the 2024 ALMBS Banking Staff

Meet the 2024 ALMBS Banking Staff, who will lead our mock bank and provide citizens with invaluable hands-on experience in the financial industry. At ALMBS, participants can explore 10 different career paths, each playing an integral part in running a successful mock state.

ALMBS Career Paths Logo

2022 Banking Staff Announced

Congratulations to the following citizens for being named part of the 2022 ALMBS Banking Staff

Full Time:

Randolph: Garrett Pritt (President)

Lewis: Ryan Bazzle (Vice President)

Panhandle: Wyatt Burns (Loan Officer)

Randolph: Chase Swearington (Teller)

Webster: James Radcliff


Part Time:

Kanawha – Reese Carpenter

Randolph: Markley Clum

Panhandle: Christopher May

Marion: James Armstrong

Monroe: Avery McDonald

Kanawha: Christopher Powers