Webster Runners

After a long and very exhausting day, the Webster County citizens found energy to participate in workout activities. After the assembly at Assembly Hall, the citizens got together and thought it best to go running for a workout. Out of the twenty-one citizens in the Webster County, fifteen of the citizens took themselves a nightly job around Jackson’s Mill grounds. After everyone had returned to the cottage, they decided that a nightly run will occur the entire span of Mountaineer Boys State. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

Michael Bragg – Webster Cottage

Webster Athletics

WebStar Goes Up 2-0 for Sports Records

As the Websters had a record of 1-0 going into their second sports game, the future did not look bright. Panhandle came out strong and took the first set with a 15-13 point victory. With the help of players such as John Neges, Cameron Killmer, Thomas Dodd, and the MVP, Cam Viney, the WebStars once again showed their teamwork by forcing a 3rd set. The WebStars came together after being down by 8 in the final set, and Cam Viney finished it off with a spike. They start softball with a perfect record.

Mike Bragg – Webster Cottage
WebStar is Victorious!

It was a hot Monday afternoon as the WebStars took the court to take on Monroe Cottage. Monroe started off very quickly going up 3-nil. After that, the 12 players who were dressed to play for the WebStars showed off their skills and went on a


Mountaineer Boys State athletics kicked off Monday afternoon. The organized competitions included volleyball (sand and hard court), ultimate Frisbee, softball and basketball. Also, citizens gathered together to play soccer, tennis, and some went jogging. Taking place before and after dinner, the athletics let citizens get into some competition.