Mountaineer Boys State athletics kicked off Monday afternoon. The organized competitions included volleyball (sand and hard court), ultimate Frisbee, softball and basketball. Also, citizens gathered together to play soccer, tennis, and some went jogging. Taking place before and after dinner, the athletics let citizens get into some competition.

“These competitions give us an opportunity to relax,” Andrew Scott, Monroe cottage member, said. “They are a nice break from classes.”

Many citizens believe that athletics contribute to the Boys State experience.

“This gives a chance to show that we are not just good leaders, but we can also play as a team,” Jared Peterson, Braxton cottage member, said.

Despite positive reviews from nearly everyone, one citizen (who wished to remain anonymous) did not agree with the way the athletic scheduled was composed.

“Jackson’s Mill has great facilities, but they play a minor role in our stay. We only get a little over 2 hours to play. There should definitely be more.”

According to the official 2011 Mountaineer Boys State Manual of Government, citizens will have at least two hours of activity every full day exc>luding Wednesday, due to formal review.