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2017 ALMBS State Police Officers

Barbour – Matthew Grant; Braxton – Bryan Stickler; Calhoun – Clinton Whitelatch, Lamont Johnson; Gilmer -; Harrison – Kolton Beckelheimer; Kanawha – ; Lewis -Andrew Booher, Nick Gould; Marion – James Simons, Monroe – Matthew McCoy; Panhandle – James Baker, Andrew Kuhn, Jeremiah Reed; Randolph – Nicholas Hayes, Christopher Hesson, Brandon Mulins; Upshur – Robert Leonard; Webster – Marcus Johnson-Cooper

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2017 Natural Resource Police Announced

Barbour/Webster – Trey Bennett, Augustus Weekley; Braxton – Logan Crayton; Calhoun/Gilmer – William Uldrich III, Jared Skinner; Harrison/Upshur – Willian Curtis, Thomas Fluharty ; Kanawha – John Owens; Lewis – Spencer Ortiz; Marion – Austin Rinehart, Hunter Gainer; Monroe – Mason Riley; Panhandle – Hunter Rowh, Robert Griffith, Jacob White; Randolph – Christopher Williams, Brayden Lesler.

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2017 ALMBS National Guard / Homeland Security

The following individuals are serving in the ALMBS National Guard. Thank you for your service!

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2017 ALMBS Announces Bank Staff

President – Justin Shelton; Vice-President – Garrett Pauls; Loan Officer – Sean Crites; Staff – Brent Kowalsky; Staff – Connor Walton; Staff – Nathan Wheeler; Staff – Alex Rosencrancee


Barbour – Samuel Stamper; Braxton – Noah Cremeans; Calhoun – Evan Cuamo; Gilmer – Gavin Moreno; Harrison – ; Kanawha – Tyler Drummond; Lewis – Frank Kerekes; Marion – Jacob Ochsenbein; Monroe – Jerry White III; Panhandle – Benjamin Nolte; Randolph – Tristan Giguet; Upshur – Brice Shumate; Webster – Michael Spitak

Michael Malfregeot With Premier Bank Talks Financial Stability

Michael Malfregeot joined Premier as Vice President/Branch Manager and Small Business and Retail Development Manager. He manages the Bridgeport branch office. Previously, Michael was a VP – Retail/Small Business Development Officer and Manager with MVB Bank, where he managed the Bridgeport and Clarksburg branch offices. He holds Bachelor of Science degree in Management from West Virginia Wesleyan College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Shepherd University. Michael plays an active role in many community organizations in Harrison County.

Michael Malfregeot

Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams Highlights Veterans’ Night

Hershel "Woody" Williams – Medal of Honor


The first time the five foot six, nineteen-year-old Hershel “Woody” Williams tried to join the Marines, in the fall of 1942, he was too short. The second time he tried, a few months later, he wasn’t: The Corps relaxed its height requirements. He immediately enlisted. He was sent to the Pacific with the 3rd Marine Division and placed in a flamethrower/demolition unit.

Williams took part in the invasion of Guam, which seemed horrific—until he was sent to Iwo Jima the following year. The beach area in Guam was clear and relatively undefended, and the Marines could advance into the jungle. At Iwo, all the jungle cover had been blown away, and the beach became a slaughterhouse.

His company was supposed to hit the beach on February 20, 1945, but there were so many Marines stuck on the beachhead

Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams