The Women Behind the Scenes

          If you've visited Headquarters this week, chances are you've met or at least seen Mrs. Sonja Adkins also known as “the Popcorn Lady”. She was in charge of selling campaign materials to the candidates, and now she is in charge of putting together the packets the Citizens will receive at the end of the week. She also takes care of paperwork for Boys State, and she assists in selecting the award recipients. She is a very hardworking woman and one who whose work is invaluable to the success of Boys State.

          Mrs. Adkins has a love for Boys State that is indescribably strong. Just sitting there talking with her is enough to know her passion for this program rivals, if not surpasses, any other. She has served for twelve years at Boys State, where she has held the positions of campaign store worker and manager, and she has also helped with some of the Americanism programs.

Her first year working at Boys State was a happy accident. She was (and still is) a member of the American Legion, and her fervor for patriotism and Americanism made her stand and she was told she needed to come to Boys State to see what it is. In her first few years she not only helped run the store, but gradually took over for the previous owners when they were no longer able. Since then, she has attended every Boys State seminar since and greatly enjoys it.

One of her most memorable moments during her time working at Boys State was meeting Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams, our evening speaker. She believes he is one man who deserves absolute respect.

Mrs. Adkins told me that in all her years of working here, she has continued to learn, and has learned more about the government and elections than she ever has before. She said it is better for us to know about the government, and involvement in government is a great teacher. To quote this amazing woman, “You don’t really ever stop learning about government.”