Flag Day: Celebrate the Meaning of Our Flag

Throughout the past 200 years Americans have been celebrating Flag Day to commemorate and honor the progression of our country and the sentimental meaning of the flag. The celebration of Flag Day is to commemorate the day the flag of our nation was adopted. The Army of the United States also celebrates their birthdate on the day of June 14.There have been multiple showings of patriotism by leaders in society who celebrated before Flag Day was even considered a holiday. Among these leaders in society were George Balch in 1889 and the governor of New York in 1894, which included approximately 300,000 children. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson put forward a proclamation to have Flag Day set up as a national holiday. However it was not until 35 years later president Truman signed an Act of Congress making June 14 the annual date for Flag Day.