Exciting New Day for Upshur

Each member of Upshur cottage woke up at 6:15 in the morning to get cleaned up for the cottage pictures.  Everyone was working fast and cleaning.  After several minutes, Upshur was prepared and in their uniforms to look good for the picture.  The cottage was set on time for the photographer to arrive to take the picture.  Everyone lined up perfectly on the porch stairs of the cottage and they got their pictures taken.  It was a good morning and a good cottage picture for Upshur.

Upshur cottage is excited to do their jobs for the remainder of the week.  They were all talking about their job positions.  Most of the members of Upshur have city or council positions.  Some are attorneys, state police, and National Guard.  It is going to be an exciting day and thrilling week for Upshur cottage.

By Brandin Phillips