The Mountaineer Daily (Tuesday 6/11/2024)

Today’s Highlights at ALMBS: Leaders, Elections, and Future Pathways

As the sun rises on another eventful day at the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State, we reflect on the moments that made yesterday truly special.

Inspirational Voices:

  • Jamie Summerlin: Sharing his journey of resilience and endurance, Jamie inspired us all to push beyond our limits and embrace the power of perseverance.
  • Patrick Morrisey: With a focus on service and integrity, Patrick imparted valuable insights on the role of leadership in public service.
  • E. Gordon Gee: E. Gordon Gee’s wisdom on educational excellence and community involvement left us with much to ponder and aspire towards.
  • Toni Caridi: The voice that echoes across West Virginia, Toni Caridi, graced us with his presence, bringing his trademark energy and enthusiasm that captures the spirit of our state.

Democratic Engagement:

  • Primary Election: Today marked a cornerstone of our democratic process with the primary election. The enthusiasm and participation were a testament to the vibrant civic spirit among us.

Career Aspirations:

  • Career Path Announcements: Many of you have taken the first step towards your future careers. Congratulations to all the career path hirees! Your ambition and talent are the driving forces that will lead us into tomorrow.

Special Events:

  • WVANG Helicopter Landing: The skies buzzed with excitement as the WVANG Helicopter made a spectacular landing, showcasing the precision and skill of our state’s aviation group.

Let’s carry the energy and lessons from today into the rest of our week. Remember, each day is a building block for the “Men of Tomorrow.”

Upcoming Live Schedule (Tuesday, June 11, 2024)

  • Tuesday Breakfast Speaker – 8:15AM (YouTube)
  • Tuesday Lunch Speaker – 12:45PM (YouTube)
  • Party Conventions – 1:30PM (YouTube)
  • Tuesday Dinner Speaker – 5:45PM (YouTube)
  • Tuesday Evening Assembly – 7:50PM (YouTube)

***NOTE: Mealtime speaker times may vary; however, they will be very close to the published times.