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ALMBS Citizens Participate in College Fair

We would like to thank the following schools for taking time to meet with our Citizens for the College and Career Fair:
WVU School of Med.
US Military Academy at West Point
Fairmont State University
US Naval Academy
WVU Honors College
WV National Guard
Marshall University
Concord University
Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University
WVU Potomac State College
Waynesburg University
WVU Institute of Technology
Professional & Undergraduate Programs – WVU School of Medicine
WVU Reed College of Media
Bethany College
Thasher Engineering
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Fairmont State University – College of Liberal Arts
West Virginia University – Undergraduate Admissions
Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets and Army ROTC
United States Army
WVU School of Pharmacy
Shawnee State University
Alderson Broaddus University
Bridgewater College
West Liberty State University
US Senator Joe Manchin’s Office – US Military Academy Nomination Process

2019 ALMBS Governor Carson Winkie delivers State of the State Address

2019 ALMBS Governor Carson Winkie delivers State of State Address at the West Virginia State Capital, in the House Chambers.

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ALMBS 2019 State Police Announced

State Police

Christopher Martineau, Barbour
Zachary Miller, Braxton
John Kolodziej, Calhoun
Adrain Gray, Gilmer
Brandon Nicholson, Harrison
Caleb Minger, Kanawha
Noah Carson, Lewis
Devon Fletcher, Lewis
Liam Galford, Marion
Robert Coleman, Monroe
Jackson Clower, Panhandle
Ian Kelly, Panhandle
Alex Moore, Randolph
Trey Lazzell, Randolph
Jaxon Romine, Upshur
Eli Ballantyne, Webster

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ALMBS 2019 Natural Resource Police Announced

Natural Resource Police

Donavan Hickman, Barbour
Garrett Littell, Braxton
Torin Martin, Calhoun
Jayvin Roush, Gilmer
Ian Fleming, Harrison
Ethan Boddy, Kanawha
Logan Ayers, Lewis
Brent Shupe, Marion
Anthony Jones, Monroe
Logan Kovach, Panhandle
John Delsignore, Panhandle
Kenneth Sibley, Jr., Randolph
Camden Barr, Upshur

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2019 ALMBS Statewide General Election Results

Governor – Carson (Big Man) Winkie [F]

Secretary of State – Carson (Reese Cup) Bates [F]

Auditor – Luke (The Ocean Man) Ochsenbein [F]

Treasurer – Farris (Wheel) Fathallah [N]

Commissioner of Agriculture – Garrett (The Carrot) Davis [N]

Attorney General – Devin (The Price Is Right) Price [F]

Justice of the Supreme Court – Walker Combs

Justice of the Supreme Court – Adam (In The Court) Marquart

Justice of the Supreme Court – Billy William Tobin

Justice of the Supreme Court – Cam (The Man for the People) Bennett

Justice of the Supreme Court – Connor (The) Mann

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2019 ALMBS Kanawha General Result

County Results

Sheriff – Trey Canby [N]
County Clerk – Jakob Fife [F]
Prosecuting Attorney – Charles Henley [N]
Circuit Clerk – Elias Virden [F]
Assessor – Griffin Westerfield [F]

County Commission (3) – Ethan Kirtner [F], Jaxon Harris [F], Baylee Allanson [N]
House of Delegates – Ryan Daugherty [F], Micahel Duong [F], Jackson Jacobs [N]
State Senate (2) –

City Results

Mayor – Rudolph Mallamas [F]
City Council (3) – Christopher Martin [F], Hayden Faulk [F], Caleb Reckart [N]

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2019 ALMBS Marion General Result

County Results

Sheriff – Tyler Davis [F]
County Clerk – Kale Jarvis [N]
Prosecuting Attorney – Joseph Dingeldein [F]
Circuit Clerk – Isaiah Ferguson [F]
Assessor – Zack Slie [N]

County Commission (3) – Zachary Blankenship [N], Aaron Gorman [N], Mason Postlethwait [N]
House of Delegates – Jacob Freeze [F], Reis Snider [N], Benjamin Mossberg [N]
State Senate (2) – Nicholas Young [F], Franklin Washenitz [F]

City Results

Mayor – Chase Staggers [N]
City Council (3) – Lane Cutright [F], Camden Huck [F], Bryan Gough [N]

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2019 ALMBS Randolph General Result

County Results

Sheriff – Manning Powell [N]
County Clerk – Elias Smith [N]
Prosecuting Attorney – Ryan Lngerbeam [N]
Circuit Clerk – Avery Baker [N]
Assessor – Eric LaFaber [F]

County Commission (3) – Michael Davis [F], Andrew Stanley [F], Liam Parkey [N]
House of Delegates – Sam Crowder [F], Orion Helmick [F], George Kester [F], Michael Offutt [F], Ethan McDermott [F]
State Senate (2) – Nicholas Palmer [F], George Struthers [N]

City Results

Mayor – Josh Ferguson [N]
City Council (3) – Jack Coleman [N], Andrew Brown [N], Zackary Bland [N]

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2019 ALMBS Panhandle General Result

County Results

Sheriff – Julian Brady [N]
County Clerk – Michael-Paul Hare [F]
Prosecuting Attorney – Cy Akana [N]
Circuit Clerk – Austin Stanley [F]
Assessor – Thomas Williams [N]

County Commission (3) – Christian Nestor [F], Nate Goldcamp [N], Kadin Maxey [N]
House of Delegates – Ethan DiPasquale [F], Noah Jarrell [F], Andrew Saul [F], Bryce Wooton [F], Evan Juniper [N]
State Senate (2) – Elijah Jones [F], Ethan Tyler [F]

City Results

Mayor – John Tennant [N]
City Council (3) – Andwele Simpson [F], Chris Kenney [N], Ethan Rawson [N]

Election Results Logo

2019 ALMBS Upshur/Harrison General Result

County Results

Sheriff – Richard Shryock [F]
County Clerk – Ryan Parson [F]
Prosecuting Attorney – Stephen Groves [F]
Circuit Clerk – James Boice [N]
Assessor – Alex Carr [N]

County Commission (3) – Braedon Ayers [F], Dillon Kelly [N], Tyler Joseph Harrison [F]
House of Delegates – Joseph Durr [F], Samuel Zeni [F], Kade Cooper [N]
State Senate (2) – Christian Miller, Kamden Dulaney

City Results

Mayor – Luke “Can Count” Hope [F]
City Council (3) – Andrew Ballard [F], Chris Burton [N]