Upshur Primary Election Result

County Results

Sheriff - Evan Gilbert (F), Gage Yost (N)
County Clerk - Vacant (F&N)
Prosecuting Attorney - Vacant (F) and Vacant (N)
Circuit Clerk - Vacant (F) and Parker Matthey (N)
Assessor - Jesse Hawk (N)

County Commission (3) - Andrew Cummings (F), Kendall Ball (F) and William "Will" Kent (N)
House of Delegates - Dylan "Big Dyl" Phillips (F), KG Kaden Garland (F), Ducati Linn (F), Gunner Webb (F), Tyler "Ya Boi" Mason (N), Maxwell "The Speedster" Warnick (N)
State Senate (2) -Jack Barnett (F), William Poling (F) and William "Will" Kent (N)

City Results

Mayor - Kendall Ball (F) and Garrett Clayton (N)
City Council (3) - Andrew Cummings (F), Evan Gilbert (F) and (KG) Kaden Garland (F), Ryan Pack (N), and Gage Yost (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Vacant
Circuit Judge - Hayden Johns
Magistrate - Connor Blake