Rosie the Riveters speaks at ALMBS

Rosies 2011Mazie Mullins, from Clendenin, was a Rosie the Riveter. During World War II, she riveted bombers at Goodyear Aircraft in Akron. She actively works with Thanks! Plain and Simple and other Rosies to make the West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Project a model for America .

As a child she helped her family clear the land for a farm and house. As a pre-teen, she worked for .75 cents a day doing laundry for lumberjacks. As a young woman, at Goodyear, her motivation was to “bring our boys home.” Her fiancé was killed in action just before he was to come home on leave to marry her. She says of these experiences, “I am glad learned the value of hard work, early. I am blessed to have worked hard for my country to help bring our boys home safely. Unfortunately, many did not make it home. Rosies just wanted to do our best to help end that war.”

Mazie is one Rosie featured in the film, “We Pull Together: Rosie the Riveters, Then and Now” which Thanks! Plain and Simple’s has planned and managed.

Ilene Humphreys is Mazie’s daughter. She is on the Honorary Board to help work with leaders to teach about Rosie the Riveters. (Daughters of Rosie the Riveters are called, “rosebuds.)

Anne Montague is the Executive Director of Thanks! Plain and Simple, the nonprofit organization that has created the West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Project, so that the rest of America will model our state in finding and learning from our Rosies. She is Executive Director of the film, “We Pull Together: Rosie the Riveters, Then and Now” to premiere in Charleston the evening of June 28th at the Capital Theatre.

Tijah Bumgarner is the videographer for the West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Project. Originally from Fayette County, she graduated from Cal Arts in Los Angles, and she is now getting a graduate degree in film making at West Virginia State University.
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