Nationalist Party Platform

An Energy Future for Industrial West Virginia

  • Tax on Exported Oil : This will provide funding necessary for the maintenance of a balanced budget
  • Funding of Geothermal Research : Exploitation of West Virginia’s many geothermal hotspots will create a new industry, meaning new jobs and long-term energy dominance
  • Infrastructure Maintenance : Funding highway and dam repairs will create permanent maintenance jobs and set West Virginia apart from the rest of the nation, whose infrastructure is trending toward failure

Economically Viable Environmental Protection

  • Biofuel in Waste Management : Researching new biofuels will provide a way to dispose of wastes in the environment while producing useful fuels for industry
  • Renewable Energy : We will also invest in solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources for a more environmentally friendly West Virginia

Capital Punishment

  • The Nationalist party feels that West Virginia should reinstate the death penalty for criminals guilty of murder.

Educational Reformation

  • New Options for All : Allow students, who so choose, to graduate after 10th grade, having completed general education requirements, and advance to technical or trade school to pursue a career
  • A New Promise : Scholarship opportunities for those entering vocational schools
  • Increased Job Security for High School Coaches : Current law stipulates that coaches who are not certified teachers and employed as such by the schools at which they coach must renew their coaching contracts after each year – We propose the school administration be given the power to draw contractual agreements with coaches on a more permanent basis

Crime: Reformation of Drug Laws

  • Those receiving welfare will undergo drug testing, which will largely prevent the abuse of the welfare system
  • Decriminalization of certain drug-related charges to allow revenue generated from fines to be reinvested in rehabilitation programs