Nationalist Party Caucus

As time rolls on, it becomes more and more aware to every one of us here in Boys State that time moves extremely fast. This is evident every day, but especially on this day. Today, the people of the Nationalist party gathered in Assembly Hall for their party caucuses. Mark Zachwieja started off the gathering with eight simple words; “This is learning by doing, just like life.” The main objective, incidentally, was to elect a State Party Chairman for the Nationalist party. This, of course, was accomplished; the State Party Chairman for the Nationalist party of 2011 is Andrew Carrol. Andrew won the election after several long, endearing, voting sessions.

Besides the State Party Chairman election, this session of caucuses had several plates that were introduced and passed. One of these plates was to place taxes upon non-renewable resources, with the money going towards new industries, such as geothermal resources. Another important plate that was passed was a scholarship fund for less advanced students, generally with a G.P.A. between 2.5 and 3.0. The money would come from a1% tax on non-renewable resources.

Besides numerous other plates that were proposed, the rest of the time was occupied by short, 30 second speeches made by the candidates from the Supreme Court, Commissioner of Agriculture, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, and Governor. These candidates strived to win the hearts of their fellow Nationalists in order to win their respective elections. Many of these accomplished this with catchy phrases. For example, Andrew Maloney used the phrase “Vote for Andrew ‘No bologna’ Maloney”, whereas Joseph Dirt recited a common quote from the fictional character “Joe Dirt”, who shares his name: “Life’s a garden, dig it.” After the candidate’s speeches, there were several plates proposed, with a few being passed. The meeting was concluded with eleven plates proposed, six of which passed.

Tyler Moyers - Barbour Cottage Reporter