Monroe County General Election Results

County Election


Federalist Candidate: Chance Donahoe

County Clerk

Nationalist Candidate: Meshach Vincent

Prosecuting Attorney

Federalist Candidate: Grant Cokeley

Circuit Clerk

Nationalist Candidate: Zack Henderson


Federalist Candidate: Cody Merritt

County Commissioner (Vote for three)

Federalist Candidate: Matt Carter

Federalist Candidate: Damion Marristen

Federalist/Nationalist Candidate: VACANT

Circuit Judge

Federalist Candidate: Jonathan Harden


Nationalist Candidate: Chase Alonso

State Senate (Vote for two)

Nationalist Candidate: Hoff Lindberg

Nationalist Candidate: Lloyd Border

House of Delegates (Vote for three)

Federalist/Nationalist Candidate: Vacant

Nationalist Candidate: Shane Underwood

Nationalist Candidate: Andrew Scott

City Election


Nationalist Candidate: Dane Franz

City Council (Vote for three)

Federalist Candidate: Zach Paitsel

Federalist/Nationalist Candidate: VACANT

Federalist/Nationalist Candidate: VACANT

Board of Education (Vote for three)

Elected: Robert Fulton

Elected: Dillon Johnston

Elected: VACANT