Lewis Primary Election Result

County Results

Sheriff - Travis McCoy (F), Robert "Robbie" Jennings (N)
County Clerk - Nick Gorby (N)
Prosecuting Attorney - Samuel P Reeder (F) and Vacant (N)
Circuit Clerk - Vacant
Assessor - Deshon Simon (N)

County Commission (3) - Edward Brenya (F), Robert Charles Preston (N) and Magnificent Magnus (N)
House of Delegates -Dave Sahil (F), Phillip "Big Philly" Hinerman (F), Nick Kirchoff (F), Gage Nicholson (F), and Jacob McGuire (F)  Luke "The Duke" Sakole (N), Nick Gorby (N)  Ethan Evans (N), Tyler Lyons (N), Preston Howard (N)
State Senate (2) -Mitchell J. Miller (F), Alex "ajgoodz" Goodman (N)

City Results

Mayor - Dave Sahill (F) and Robert "Robbie" Jennings (N)
City Council (3) - Phillip "Big Philly" Hinerman (F), Mitchell J. Miller (F) and Jacob McGuire (F), Lucas "Luke" Sakole (N), Nick Gorby (N), and Preston Howard (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Wade Underwood, Nick Kirchoff. David Agcaoili
Circuit Judge - Vincent Pinti
Magistrate - Ethan "The Meat Man" C.