Kanawha Primary Election Result

County Results

Sheriff - Johnathon "Harp" Harper (F), Jaden Duffield (N)
County Clerk - Vacant
Prosecuting Attorney - Alexander Tucker (F) and Vacant (N)
Circuit Clerk - Vacant
Assessor - Vacant

County Commission (3) - Vacant
House of Delegates - Noah Sampson (F), Alexandyr Hummel (F) and George Makricostas (F), David Strange (N), Daniel Woods (N), Shane Martel (N), Alexander Pritt (N)
State Senate (2) -Lucas J McDonald (F), "The" Grayson Watson (F), Tommy G. Azinger (N), Alexander Tucker (N)

City Results

Mayor - Tyler "T-Stamp" Stamper (F) and Kareem Bacha (N)
City Council (3) - Lucas McDonald (F), George Makricostas (F) Shane Martel (N), and Jaden Duffield (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Shane Martel, Robert Comsmith, and Brady Kuhn
Circuit Judge - Aaron "Doctor Strange" Page
Magistrate - Caleb "Price is right" Price