Into The Woods

If you travel along the worn, stone walk way of the Dominion Path, into the low valley and up the other side of the valley; you will encounter the Randolph Cottage. It is a peaceful cottage that is neighbored by the Monroe Cottage right inside the forest. The Randolph Cottage differs from the other cottages in that its location is different and its old, nostalgic features: the wood pillars with initials of past members carved in, its log cabin type structure and the cottage’s rooftop which is scarred with the wounds of weather. The boys in the cottage favor it over the other cottages even though it lacks modern style and, more importantly, it lacks an air conditioning system. Philip Mickinar, a Randolph resident, said, “The cottage is very quiet and secluded. It’s peaceful too. It helps you get a good night’s sleep.” Another Randolph resident, Karl Smakula, also mentioned it was quiet. Karl even said, “There is nothing I don’t like about this cottage.” To the boys who stay in Randolph, it is a unique cottage. This uniqueness will make the cottage stay in their memory for a lifetime.