Flag Education

When any camper walks into Mountaineer Boy’s State he can feel the strong sense of patriotism that fills the grounds. No symbol best exemplifies that sense of patriotism than the American Flag, and the man who has gone to great lengths to educate all campers about the meaning of the flag none other than Senior Counselor Robbie Robinson.

“I teach flag appreciation and it’s amazing how many fifth graders do not know when to stand for the pledge. It amazes me that people do not know some of the basic facts about the flag,” Senior Counselor Robbie Robinson, said.

This was Robinson’s fourth year giving the powerful speech to the campers, and teacher them what the flag means to him.

“The flag means to me that a lot of people sacrificed their lives so I could live the life live today, and when people disrespect the flag means they are disrespecting me. We here at Boy’s State want some kind of Americanism every day in camp to instill different values in campers,” Robinson, said.

By Clark Palmer - Staff Reporter