Beneath The Hat

Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing the Mountaineer Boys State Legislative Director Mr. James Dague. In June of 1987, Mr. Dague was selected to become a Boys State Citizen and remained a member of the program ever since. He said his favorite aspect was learning through participation. In the words of Mr. Dague “No matter what you do in the future, no matter what occupation, human society requires you to have an understanding and knowledge of government.”

Here at Mountaineer Boy’s State you are not only lectured on Government and policy, you are immersed in it. From sunrise to sunset you are the government and this method of instruction presents an elite experience. Not only do you take from this program a more extensive education, but also superior personal development. Mr. Dague told me “You are introduced to a wide variety of people” and you “learn principles that make you become part of the Boy’s State Family.”

This means that no matter where you go, when you meet another Boy’s state member you know the standard of excellence and responsibility they demand from themselves and their surroundings

We reminisced past Boy’s State experiences and Mr. Dague told me of a man who had a significant influence on him, Mr. Robert L. Stine. Mr. Stine took James under his wing and incorporated him into the family. Upon our closing remarks Mr. Dague had one last word of advice, “Be honest. People in society judge you by your words and actions. Your ability to articulate human vocabulary is essential to be a success in the world community.” This is something we should all remember.

By Alex Jones - Staff Reporter