2019 ALMBS Upshur/Harrison Primary Result

County Results

Sheriff - Richard Shryock (F), Ian Fleming (N)
County Clerk - Ghasemipour Yazdi Parsa (F), Gable Kolb (N)
Prosecuting Attorney -
Circuit Clerk -
Assessor - Jamison Lewis (F)

County Commission (3) - Stephen Groves (F), Braedon Ayers (F), Dillon Kelly (N), Tyler Harrison (N)
House of Delegates - Joseph Durr (F), Samuel "Sam" Zeni (F)
State Senate (2) - Devin Price (F), CJ Miller (N), Kamden Dulaney (N)

City Results

Mayor - Luke "Can Count" Hope (F), Braedon Ayers (F), Andrew Ballard (F)
City Council (3) - Chris Burton (N), Kamden Dulaney (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Isaac Miller
Circuit Judge - Evan Miller
Magistrate - Anthony Colombo