2019 ALMBS Marion Primary Result

County Results

Sheriff - Chase Staggers [N] County Clerk - Kale Jarvis [N] Prosecuting Attorney - Joseph "Mulletman" Dingeldein [F] Circuit Clerk -
Assessor - Zack "Slie Guy" Slie [N]

County Commission (3) - Zachary Blankenship [N] House of Delegates - Jacob "Justice" Freeze [F], William Tobin [F], Lane Cutright [F], Reis Snider [N], Benjamin "Franklin" Mossburg [N] State Senate (2) - Nicholas Young [F], "Freaky" Franklin Washenitz [F] Austin Smay [N]

City Results

Mayor - Nicholas Young [F], Garrett Davis [N] City Council (3) - Jacob "Justice" Freeze [F], Lane "The Legend" Cutright [F] Reis Snider [N], Bryan "BG3" Gaugh [N], Austin Smay [N]

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - Ian Pritt, Lane Cutright
Circuit Judge - Garrett Davis
Magistrate - Ethan Pond