2018 Monroe General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Otice Carder (N)
County Clerk - Brandon (Crimson Dynamite) Swick (F)
Prosecuting Attorney - Zachary Cline (N)
Circuit Clerk - Scott Gaines (F)
Assessor - Nate Mountford (N)

County Commission (3) - Austin Splidil (F), Brady Nathaniel (N), and Steve Lipovich (N)
House of Delegates - "Fin for the Win" Finnegan Hall (F) Chrisstopher Kiess (F), Cameron Adkins (N) and Kaden Statler (N)
State Senate (2) - Aleksey Rasz (F) and "The Goat" Micheal Henriquez (N),

City Results

Mayor - Camden Six
City Council (3) - Ryan Curtis Wrathford (F), Anthony Siler (N) and Steven Admik (N)